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Market place with crowdfunding system

The customer wanted to run a fashion start-up platform for novice designers and clothing brands that allows to exhibit their products or collect money for new ideas. The client needed a developer who could quickly create a working MVP for customers and investors till they  changed their mind about investing their money and lost interest in the project.

The company has already started the development of an independent platform without consulting with experts and without any previously created technical documentation.

It required creation of 40 unique WordPress web pages integrated with WooCommerce and WC Vendor because there are no templates for this type of business model

Develop the platform as quickly as possible.

Together with the customer, we have developed a project plan and sprints using the SCRUM methodology, freeing up the maximum amount of programmers’ resources to compress development time.

After 6 weeks of development sprint, we delivered a fully working marketplace platform for fashion entrepreneurs with unique design and functionality.

Front end

Back end


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