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10 Reasons to install a progressive smart house system
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More recently, technological progress and the development of wireless technology has reached its peak. As a result, a new tool has emerged that helps manage different parts of the life support system. Its installation did not require additional material costs, so the public became interested rather quickly.

The hi-tech market was filled with goods from European companies such as Jablotron (Czech Republic), Visonic and Electronics Line (Israel). Some variants of wireless security elements were also presented by some manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America. The market was filled with new models. However, technology has not reached everyone.

Because the system is not used by so many people, many do not understand why you should give it time and attention. Therefore, we conducted a study and identified 10 main reasons to increase the iq of your home.

Reason 1: you do not want to waste time and money on additional wire installation

Some people are frightened by the very idea of a smart home, because to install it you need to contact the appropriate company and give your home for some time in the hands of specialists. It is also known that often such systems are installed at the construction stage, so if you really want to find a highly intelligent comrade, you should make it into the dwelling project.

However, there are more affordable analogs of the smart system, for which there is no need to install and spread wires around the house. The installation of such an add-on is not complicated, and wireless sensors will not cause inconvenience. Thus, the main purpose of installing the system – increasing comfort – will be achieved.

Reason 2: you want to gradually build up the installed system

We have already talked about the fact that the standard version of a smart house is installed in the course of construction. Accordingly, any amendments or changes will be extremely difficult. To install one additional sensor, you need to collect money for installation, allocate time to accompany installation work and nerves. Moreover, after intervention in the program, problems with interaction may arise. In addition, once installing the system of a certain manufacturer, it can only be built up by elements of the same manufacturer.

If we talk about modern, more progressive analogues of a smart home, they initially provide the possibility of connecting additional devices. Therefore, the installation of any additional element does not create new problems. It does not matter whether the sensor is wired or not, whether the element is “native” (from the same manufacturer) or not. Of you to take  into account some nuances, you can update the system as much as you want.

Reason 3: you value the combination of price and quality

The results of marketing research show that the classic smart house contains many functions that their owners use rarely or never. Manufacturers of the next generation of intelligent systems took this into account and eliminated unclaimed functions, which significantly reduced the price. So now there is no need to pay for something that you do not use regularly. Before buying, you can check the feature set in the system and purchase a version for your needs and your pocket.

Reason 4: you are always busy

Modern life forces us to be in constant movement. Your whole life is in the movements between work, study, business, business trips or vacation. You may not even have enough time to accompany the installation work.

That’s why we developed an audio security system, the main task of which is to create an effect of the hosts presence in the room, for example, by turning light and music in the evenings on. If the sensor detects attempts to penetrate your territory, you will be immediately notified due to the messengers binding.

Reason 5: your children often remain home alone

Any version of an intelligent home will help you monitor your children. Since opening and closing doors or turning the alarm system on and off is accompanied by SMS alerts, you will know at what exact time your child came home from school. In addition, the system Noisam has a noise recognition function, so that he knows exactly how to respond to the situation at home. Also, the user can call home at any time to listen to what is happening at that very moment.

Reason 6: you follow the new trends in the market

The market of high-tech products exploded due to the introduction of more affordable analogues of the smart house system. There are thematic exhibitions, to the brim full of high-tech equipment. The novelties of the market immediately attract the attention of true connoisseurs of safety and comfort. If the list of your desires is a modern home, then intellectual support is just what you need.

Reason 7: you need an attractive design

If your brain is tightly stuck with a pattern of cumbersome and unpleasant in appearance technologies, then you are deeply mistaken. All varieties of the mentioned system are developed for an extensive audience of owners of beautiful and expensive dwellings. A beautiful design for such people is usually in the top five requirements. Therefore, you can not doubt: the elements of the system will perfectly fit in your interior both in color and in size.

Reason 8: you do not want to pay for your neighbor’s mistakes

Unfortunately, many faced the situation when neighbors from the top flooded the apartment. Alas, the perpetrators of the accident often don’t want to pay the money compensation, although the repairing of the damaged part is not cheap. Who wants to pay voluntarily for the mistakes of strangers? The dangerous recognition feature detects a leak and immediately notifies you via SMS. Thanks to a timely warning, you can save money and stay calm about your property. This feeling surely accompanies all owners of the system. By the way, some variations of a smart home can be installed in an ordinary apartment.

Reason 9: sometimes you forget to turn off household appliances

The mode of home automation in any version of the smart home system is carried out using the X10 protocol. This means that the home owner can turn on or turn off household appliances through his mobile device. It does not matter how far away from home you are. You can even be in another country, and still have remote access to your home appliances.

The described function is very useful, because it helps to prevent many dangerous situations in your home. First of all, its availability is useful for those who forget to turn off the stove, iron or other appliances from time to time.

Reason 10: one of the main requirements is an easy management

Well-known marketing research has revealed an interesting situation among the population. On the one hand, many people want to establish an intelligent system in the house, but on the other hand there are factors that stop people from acquiring them. One of the most common is the inability of certain segments of the population to use intellectual systems. Many study participants are worried about children or elderly parents who will find it difficult to understand technological innovations.

However, as practice shows, the management of the main functions of the system in some cases is reduced to two universal buttons or voice control due to recognition of the audio triggers. Thus, the Noisam system in the body of a smart home will bring many benefits to people of all ages.

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