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Top 5 NLP Startups Ideas to Worth in 2021

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Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups working on innovative solutions in the healthcare sector.

As there is a large number of startups working on different types of projects, we want to share our insights with you!

This time around, five promising natural language processing companies have been discovered who are integrating electronic health records by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology – what do they offer?

We are continually on the lookout for new discoveries that could help us provide better care, as are many others in the field of medical innovation.

Our StartUs Insights Discovery Platform has identified 173 startups and 5 notable companies to highlight here, based on data-driven criteria such as location (geographic), founding year(s), and relevance with technology when it comes to specific needs or wants you may have as a healthcare solution seeker!

Take your time examining each one before making any judgments; you’ll find additional information about what they do below.

5 Top NLP Startups Integrating EHR

MedInReal – Voice Recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that can process natural language and identify objects or events in images by recognizing their features, has the potential to be an important improvement for health care.

AI applications are already being used with doctors’ notes-writing tasks such as noting down patient symptoms on charts while they’re taking place; it also automates administrative work like entering relevant EHR data into computers so clinicians don’t have to do anything but observe during treatment sessions.

Startups developing voice recognition solutions hope this will improve quality of life through increased efficiency both clinically treating patients more effectively than ever before combined with improved accessibility due to reduced needlers time spent searching key terms

MedInReal is changing the way medical professionals work by employing AI and machine learning to make their lives easier.

The Dutch startup created Alex, an artificial intelligence-based solution for doctors who are looking for automation in clinical notes taking on EHRs (Electronic Health Records).

Instead of having to type out every single thing that happens between patients or wait around while data gets input into excel sheets; with Medinreal’s system it will happen automatically!

This means less time wasted due lackagers not being able to do what they love most -providing quality healthcare services- because now all these tasks can be completed effectively within seconds through voice recognition technology without error.

Mutuo Health Solutions – Clinicians’ Personal Assistant

Patients are more engaged in their interactions with doctors when they can communicate, and the process of medical documentation is made easier through voice assistants for clinicians.

Patients today want to talk about what’s bothering them without feeling rushed or pressured into silence by an unengaging tone from a doctor who spends too much time writing down notes rather than listening closely enough during patient conversations like old-fashioned telephone patching systems required before nurse pagers came along!

Canadian startup Mutuo Health Solutions has developed Autoscribe, a hands-free speech to text solution for making clinical observations and notes.

As the time taken by medical professionals in terms of documentation significantly reduces with this technology – they can now focus on patient care without having to be distracted by hours upon end spent writing out what was discussed or thought about during each interaction!

This innovative system leverages AI alongside sophisticated recognition software which translates discussions between patients and doctors into data; while machine learning algorithms process dialogue language suggested outputs based on current knowledge base (so not only do you get insights but also actionable items).

Plasticity – Natural Language Engine

Medical professionals use EMRs to quickly understand patient health and speech recognition technology is making this possible.

Startups are developing language engines that can automatically integrate notes from complex medical records like radiology reports, progress notes or lab results with other information in an electronic record system (EMR).

The output should sound professional

Plasticity, a US-based startup has developed an API that can analyze complex patient-doctor dialogues. The language engine of the company Sapien enables it to understand context and relations in sentences from large quantities of data.

It extracts relevant information hidden within medical notes as well additional details scattered across case briefs or articles for doctors who need them all accessible without hassle!

CureMD – Interactive EHR Software

The future of healthcare is going to be all about bots and AI. Medical software that automates medical documentation, voice recognition solutions for seamless patient engagement – it’s a veritable cornucopia!

EHR Small Practices is making it easier for medical professionals to focus on what matters most.

As the competition between EHR software providers heats up, CurEMD EHR has developed a voice assistant that can automate repetitive aspects of practices and help patients interact with their care in more ways than they ever thought possible before!

The company also offers dashboard features so you don’t have to worry about losing track or forgetting anything while managing appointments scheduled remotely during your day-to-day job responsibilities as well as lab tests & prescription databases right from one centralized location – all ONC/ACB certified too!

Emtelligent – Medical Language Engine

Medical terms that are computer processable, provide codes, terms, and definitions usually complex in nature.

Such complicated phrases can also be cataloged with multiple medical dictionaries for easy reference when translated by advanced machine learning algorithms to enter into search engines like Google which would make them easily accessible around the world through electronic means such as smartphones or tablets

Medical “jargon” is often difficult to pronounce due its unfamiliarity but this does not mean it should remain trapped within our profession’s dialogue!

By utilizing cutting edge technology we will have access at all times without having difficulty finding just one word out of place during consultations thanks again Google Translate

Emtellient, a Canadian-based startup has developed an enterprise-scale deep learning NLP engine to process medical text.

The company uses machine learning and its high precision for resolving complicated texts in various reports with the solution extractions using multiple ontologies including MEDCIN (Canadian), SNOMED(an international standard), etc.

It also allows usage of custom-made ones as well by just entering their names into emtelliPro’s interface allowing rapid cluster processing millions per day – all at once!

Final Words:

After the pandemic hence it is proved that the Healthcare industry is one of the most important parts of our personal and family in a way that no other industry of the economy is.

No machinery can be fit for every situation for a system as complex as the current healthcare system.

Yet, Artificial intelligence, perhaps more than any other force in the world offers a chance to rewrite how healthcare is organized.

We have every opportunity with AI’s ability for change and flexibility that can be used thoughtfully depending on what type of system we want it to lead.

When AI is used thoughtfully with care toward human life we believe there are many amazing potentials waiting just over this technology.


Author BIO:

Summer Larson’s background in healthcare stretches over 11 years. He is a well-renowned health IT expert and contributes regularly to popular blogs and websites. She covers topics ranging from health reforms to the application of IT in healthcare. In 2013 he formed EMR Specialist, a company specializing in assisting providers with the adoption and implementation of electronic health records (EHR).

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