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Food delivery

Navigating through Various Types of Food Delivery App Business Model

The success of a food delivery model depends on its niche customer segment. And today’s customer is highly motivated to use online services that offer convenience and ease of use. By 2024, the global food delivery market will be valued at $182.3 billion; thus, choosing the right business…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 01, 2020 17:37
Food deliveryTrends

10 Food Delivery Trends 2020: Why Now Is a Good Spot for Your Own Product

Food delivery has become a highly competitive sector in the last decade. There are a number of food delivery brands all over the world that have captured a huge share in the industry. The key aspect that drives this huge market is the busy and fast life of…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 27, 2020 11:32
Food delivery

7 Ideas To Start Own Food Delivery Business in 2020

Ready to eat, luscious, and tasty food delivered at the doorstep. What more could anybody want? It is easy, satisfies the cravings, and cost-effective. Delivery business ideas have become so widespread that the expected revenue from the industry by 2024 is $1.82 Billion. Not only the millennials, but…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 25, 2020 15:25
Food deliveryMarket overview

10 Food Delivery Startups to Watch for in 2020

The food delivery industry is one of the booming industries in the modern era. All thanks to the busy schedule of people that makes them order food online rather than making it themselves. Moreover, the global spread of COVID-19 has made people more particular about their health. Some…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 23, 2020 12:37
Food deliveryMobile Development

How to Build a Food Delivery App: Advanced Guide for Founders

Thinking about how to make a food delivery app? Well, this is the most appropriate time to start investing in your own food delivery application. And do you know why? Well, these figures will help you get a better idea. According to Statista: The cumulative revenue from similar…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 19, 2020 19:22