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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web App?[Actionable Edition]

Almost all of us have used Google Docs, Amazon, and Facebook, right! But only a few of us know that these are web apps, not websites. Yes, you heard that right! Today, the trend of these web apps is more than a website. As per PRNewswire, the web…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 09, 2021 17:06

Choosing a Web Development Company: The Welcome Guide

You are planning to move your physical business online. But like most people, you don’t know where to start from? Well, we understand that and have got you covered. More than 23 million website developers work worldwide. This figure is expected to touch 27.7 million by the year…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 08, 2021 12:08

How To Outsource Software Development [Actionable Guide]

What does it mean to outsource software development? How many people, so many opinions. Yet, we have been building startups for 8 years and managed to form our own vision. Outsourcing software development means collaborating a founder with an off-shore team. The goal is to build a successful…

Max Babych by Max Babych April 07, 2021 21:20

How to Make a New Messenger? [from Scratch]

So, you want to talk to your friend, type the message, and send it! Easy Peasy, right. If you look back one or two decades from now. It was not the same. The cutting-edge technology of today is the reason messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and countless more…

Max Babych by Max Babych April 07, 2021 21:06

How to Build a Stock Trading Platform: A Step by Step Look from Product Developers

Do you know how to build a stock trading platform? Well, if not, then you need to read this guide.  Also, do you know who Warren Buffet is? Of course, you do! This guy is the person everyone has idealized for investing.  His quotes are treated as the…

Max Babych by Max Babych March 16, 2021 16:15

Mobile Development Outsourcing: A Guide to Get Bespoke Service

The advocates of in-house development talk about stuff that is essential for app development. But what they fail to share is that as a founder or a startup owner is; You can get the same benefits of in-house app development with outsourcing at a lower cost. Are you…

Max Babych by Max Babych February 22, 2021 17:32