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How to Design a Healthcare Website [in Conversion-Driven Way]

Let us begin with some fresh stats! 5% of searches are health-related on Google 80% of adult internet users have looked for main health subjects online Healthcare marketing expenditure is rising What does this suggest? Clearly, no business can survive without going online. Creating an online presence is…

Max Babych by Max Babych June 04, 2021 14:20

Don’t Make a Mess of Healthcare Website Development: In-Depth Guide for Founders

The global pandemic has made healthcare the most sought-after service. Yet, it remains inaccessible to many. Most people stay afar due to fear. So, online accessibility is the only silver lining. If you want to stay relevant and accessible to people who are staying indoors yet need care…

Max Babych by Max Babych May 25, 2021 12:44

How to Design Mobile Healthcare Application in User-Centered Way? [For Founders]

Let us begin with an awesome quote by Hippocrates, Health is the greatest of human blessings. Indeed it is, and the year 2020 was the best example of it. The world was locked down just because people’s health was a priority. The events of 2020 led to the…

Max Babych by Max Babych May 20, 2021 17:06

How To Create A Meditation App: 101 for the First Time Founders

Stress. Worry. Anxiety. Nervousness. Frustration. Tension. What do all these words mean? If we infer the cause of all these mental and emotional issues, it is manifold. There is no saving yourself from stress as any person reels under it at some point. To reduce this daily stress,…

Max Babych by Max Babych October 06, 2020 12:35

Best 15 Healthcare Startups New York

The United States of America is a prime nation in terms of healthcare services. As per statistics, the US is expected to spend around 20% of its Gross Domestic Product on healthcare by 2028. This close to $6.2 trillion. And there are plenty of healthcare giants that form…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 28, 2020 19:50

Best 10 Healthcare Startups San Francisco

Technology in San Francisco healthcare catalyzes a holistic development of the companies. Helping with Treatment Diagnostic Procedures Invoicing Staff Management HIPAA Compliant Communication Doctor On Demand The list of services development by healthcare startups San Francisco is extensive. Startups provide a boost to the provision of health services…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 27, 2020 17:39

Best 15 Healthcare Startups in Los Angeles

The United States Of America is one of the top countries that spend a significant amount of its GDP on healthcare. As per Statista, around 18% of US GDP will be spent on healthcare in 2020. These figures are expected to reach up to 20% by 2020. As…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 21, 2020 22:01

15 Fast Growing Startups in Healthcare to Watch

The US is one of those developed countries in the world that spends a high share of its GDP on healthcare. As per Statista, the U.S is expected to spend 18 percent of its GDP on healthcare in the year 2020. This is way more than any other…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 17, 2020 19:09

6 mHealth Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

The concept of healthcare quality began back in 1883. From time to time, the trends in healthcare have undergone a steep change. Such changes have led to effective collaboration. These evolutions in health care trends under five heads. Value-Based Care Providing the best possible value care to the…

Max Babych by Max Babych July 16, 2020 19:16