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SaaS Development

How to price your SaaS to charge x2 more: an overview of SaaS pricing models, strategies and tips

The founders always struggle to build a perfect SaaS product. They conduct interviews with users, think about new features to implement, test interface themes. Well, that’s all fine. But it’s much better to make not a perfect, but a profitable product instead. The SaaS pricing model lays the…

Max Babych by Max Babych February 11, 2020 20:09

What Is SaaS Sales and How To Manage It on The Jedi Master Level

Before your SaaS product is ready for launch, any founder should understand what SaaS sales are. The reason is obvious - without sales, you won't earn money. That’s why let’s get deep into what is SaaS sales process. In this article, you will find a description of existing…

Max Babych by Max Babych January 09, 2020 18:46