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Custom Software Testing: Wish or Necessity?
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Everyone knows that preventing a problem is much easier than dealing with consequences later. Despite the fact that this statement is already quite old, it has not ceased to be truthful.
It is logical that before releasing a product, it makes sense to test it completely. This is necessary in order to be fully confident that every detail works exactly as intended. This is the essence of the topic under discussion.

Any application from the software works for a certain audience, which is part of the society. The development of society encourages manufacturers to regularly release new updates and correct minor deficiencies. The development of applications prompts also to regularly monitor their quality. Also, you have to remember, that your opponents are constantly doing the same thing.
In the end, in order to stay popular, it is necessary to conduct user testing.

What is user testing and how does it work?
According to this, constant carrying out such testing will keep you above your competitors. The statement is bold but fair, isn’t it?
Carrying out such studies and projects will help you, first, to better know your user, what he lives in, and secondly – to test the way your applications work.
Most often the test is conducted with a certain number of people under conditions of thorough observation and strict control. In such circumstances, users must perform several tasks using the product.

There is a list of reasons that prompt the SaaS company to conduct this research. Let’s consider some.
1) Users don’t know your web application
Very few people know exactly how your application works. And why? All that interests users is how this application will satisfy their requests.
The whole point is that the assumptions of each person who participates in the testing are different from the thoughts of the creators of the application. Apparently, they look at your product quite differently. Typically, user testing identifies problems that developers could not find in a different way.
And it’s not just that. Also, it is worth remembering that quite often users do not know how to cope with emerging problems. This takes a lot of time and effort from any employee of the support team.
Thanks to such testings, developers can be sure that the solutions they have created to solve possible problems will really help each user to solve them without your help.

2) Data-backed insights
Data is everywhere. Information can be taken and used. You just need to find the right one and pick it up.
If you tell 10-15 people about your application and ask them to test it in practice, you, of course, will receive some information about its work. But you will get really solid data about the work and full statistics only if the number of users exceeds one thousand. In this case, the developer will understand what to focus on in the future and how to do it.
Among other things, all the information you receive as a result will show some details, especially important to your potential customers.This is special information that must be taken into account.
Even the simplest form of testing will allow you to see what attracts the attention of customers, where they click and why, and whether or not to limit their access to any tool.

3) Testing in the live mode is cheaper
This testing sets the tone for your work on the application in the future. It’s clear what your customers like and what needs to be improved. However, most people think that for this type of information gathering it is necessary to hire a huge number of people or to force those who already have to sit at work longer for testing. However, a flexible testing system involves active interaction between all members of the test team. Feedback and evaluation are present at each stage of the project verification.

4) You can use received results as a retention machine
All cash receipts directly depend on receiving and maintaining a stable level of profit for your company. If users are no longer interested in your application, you will start losing money in large quantities. Does it sound logical?
The results obtained from the research can allow you to hone your skills and experience. Your actions will be aimed at keeping the interest of your customers, which will continue to yield the appropriate result.
Moreover, customers will not have time to be disappointed in your work if you react lightly to messages from users who come by feedback and the corresponding error reports.
Do not stay in your office for too long
Those who do not follow the needs of their customers, it is worth thinking about the reasons. You can quickly lose a lot of users if for some time you do not react to their complaints.
There are so many ways to collect information quickly that developers have no reason to ignore this important point. Take advantage of your ability to stay in the skin of the user and consider the result of your work through the eyes of your customers. This is the fastest way to become successful in this business.

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