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Custom web portal development company
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Create b2b travel portal company

As you may know from our previous articles there is a trend in modern business world to relocate all activity into virtual space so there ecommerce portal development becomes one of the most important fields of work if we are talking about information technologies. But one of other business areas demands more from online because it needs more – more functionalities. We are talking about custom web portal development for travel industry.

The reasonable question from the reader would be a question about the difference between travel industry and the entire amount of other industries. Travel industry provides a lot of services for its clients and works with them in live mode so that this type of business need to react quickly and to bring all the services to the client in the best way. Quality and speed influence travel business’ success finally. travel portal b2b

Online travel portal development cost not a lot in comparison with revenues which owners of travel business will receive. This is the key problem of this industry – to optimize your processes and costs. Therefore this is one of two main aims of creating a b2b portal for travel agency – to save money. Another one aim of travel agencies owners is to satisfy their clients as soon as possible and what is important always be in process of upgrading the quality of your services. Low prices, high quality ad speed of travel services provoke great revenues!

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So what are the most important functionalities for the travel company we are going to look through below.

Times when people who want to buy a ticket on the train or to book a room in a hotel had to go to the train station or hotel have passed long time ago. Now it is obligatory to book tickets and rooms in hotels via Internet because this way can save clients’ time and also prevent them from being overtaken by somebody else. Making a conclusion this thesis we can say that including such features to your web portal while developing it is a common but an obligatory.

Therefore it is clear that when clients are going to book a room in the hotel they need to know if there are other hotels on this resort. Rooms in hotels have to be sorted by a number of guests who can be situated there. Pledge a possibility of multiple choices in the first stages of online portal development process. Users of travel portal must get all available information about hotels and rooms because it is necessarily in competitive business environment to provide clients with alternatives. If they like some hotel they will choose it. But do not force them choose or they will never come back to specific portal.

Also clients should have capabilities to set what time they are going to stay in hotel. Firstly, it is a rational practice because clients can see how much does their living costs for some period of time. Secondly, it is more comfortable for business owner and further clients. It is a straight way to manage a hotel schedule. By the way customers of online portal development company should think about hotel schedules for rooms.

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And of course portal development services should include setting a hotel class or in other words – choosing a number of stars. This is all about alternatives for clients too. People have different financial capabilities so they need to choose an appropriate hotel by price. Also do not remember about transfer services because it is important for travel business to take care of clients every where even in the airport. So transfer system has to be organized and included into online portal. Because what if traveler wants to have a walk to the hotel.

Portal development services should also include features that will provide users with ability to choose additional facilities in the rooms. This is also popular and rationally when client can choose a level of additions regarding on his needs. Another one feature that is important for travel business and can be included into website is an ability to choose entertainment services in the hotel complex in advance.

Finally, when you want to create b2b travel portal which will gather different agencies or subsidiaries of one global company where it will be possible to choose detailed features of future vacation you should not forget about business to business e commerce logic. Firms are cooperating while organizing such volumetric type of business.


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