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Don’t shoot your team member!
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Our team is the source of the qualitative work of each of us, the desire to be better and to stay motivated. We like to get together and spend time, many members communicate outside the office. Several times a year we attend a variety of activities, where you can stay in an informal atmosphere and relax.
That’s why last week, someone from the team flashed the idea that we haven’t had a rest for a long time. It is August outside – a high time to let yourself be distracted after hot work days of the summer months.
We thought that Friday would be the best option for outdoor party. During summer, the period of holidays, else in a day off collecting all team members would be unrealistic.

We were already riding quad bikes, and this time we decided to play paintball. You won’t relax there, will you? It’s strange, but we have quite a lot of fans of adrenaline. There was no one who was against it.
There are many locations for this game in Kharkiv in forest and parks. We chose one of the largest with a lot of scenarios and a barbecue area. Surprisingly, we managed to organize everything in 1 day! It’s a pity there were only a half of the guys, the rest was on seas.

Nevertheless, half of the team was enough to feel the whole drive of the paintball game. For many guys, this was the first experience in this game. It was funny to see how even when you hit the enemy, his eyes continue to burn with excitement. Cries, pain, sweat, shots, bruises, heat, misted masks, dust. Yes, guys, it was a mess. Some were scared, someone flew ahead (and received a ball!), Someone showed himself as a notable tactician or shooter. In general, it was unusual to watch how people familiar to you reveal their distinctive qualities in an extreme situation.

After more than 2 hours of a game, we, of course, wanted to eat. Fortunately, there were a barbecue and a paintball, so our hanging out did not end. Delicious food, beer, table tennis and music. It really was a rest from our vacation. With such successes during the pastime, we will soon open a subsidiary event agency. Come, we will repeat together.

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