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How can I make a prototype of my app?
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Now everything starts from making a prototype. But how can it turn into completed app?
This text will help you to know more about building an app or website.
Why is it necessary?
As you know, it is harder and longer to change a finished product than a prototype. So making it should be the most important thing before creating a real app.

Also, you can use a feedback to know some of your customers’ reviews.
Prototype testing
Unfortunately, not everything turns out as good as it was desired. Try to test your project as early as possible and then you will be able to use the feedback in order to improve your work. If anything fails, you can avoid unnecessary effort.
Types variety
There are 3 different types of the prototype. First is the sketch and it can be made using a pencil. This type of prototype usually helps people to make a generic form of application. Second is low-fidelity and it shows the approximate form of the application and how it will work. The hardest and most complicated is the high-fidelity prototype. It is usually a fully-functional app which needs a big amount of funds to be created.

How can it be created?
These are some useful questions for you.
What do you want to do?
How many resources do I have?
Who will develop it?
How can I get a feedback?
At first, choose a tool which you will use to develop a prototype. It can seriously differ because of the app that you want to create.
Try to listen to others because it will help you make the better product and know advantages or disadvantages of it. Only using feedback you won’t make many silly mistakes.
If you save user feedback, you will be able to know what people like and predict future changes.
It is obvious that a good prototype is 50% of the whole project. Try to make it as good as possible and then you won’t have to spend superfluous resources and time to correct mistakes. Also, you should listen to the others opinion to know what you need to do first and what better not to do at all.

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