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How can your site alienate potential customers?
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Interesting thematic content. Graphic arts. Color spectrum. The optimal combination of these three elements make up a general impression of you and your company for each user who visits your site. Therefore, it is not enough to take a couple of favorite colors for the site and throw somewhere a graphic element. The appearance and content of your site directly affect the number of your customers.

So ask yourself: does not something in your site scare potential customers out? In this article, we gave the main indicators by which this can be verified.

Complexity and readability of content

Those who first came to your site, or even more accidentally appeared there, appreciate the simplicity of the material presentation. Do not forget that not always visitors of your site can really understand all the technical terms that you use. So do not try to look smarter at the expense of clever words.

If you can not do without narrowly defined terms, be sure to explain them immediately after the first use. You can create a separate page for a full explanation, and then leave a link where everyone can find it.

Number of ads

Do you get annoyed by the excessive number of ads on the page? Or in general their availability? Nobody wants to waste their time and paid traffic to view them. And let’s face it, for most companies, it’s really possible not to add them to the page at all.
On the contrary, if visitors do not have to skip advertising in search of the necessary information, they are likely to stay on the site a little longer.

Page loading speed

According to statistics, a page that is loaded for more than three seconds automatically loses a little less than half of its visitors. In simple words, if your site is slow, half of all your potential customers go back to the search results, that is, in fact you are sending them to your competitors.
With regard to mobile devices, things are a bit simpler, people leave after five seconds of waiting. However, the number of such “patient” people is 74%. As you can see, the download time is an important indicator, since the download speed of the site directly affects the number of clients.

Even if you have a described problem, there are several ways to speed up the loading of your pages:

  • Use smaller images.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins.
  • Be sure to use a high-quality hosting account.

Number of calls to action

Any copywriter will tell you that every article on the site must have calls for action. It’s necessary. However, if there are too many of them, then this can have exactly the opposite effect. Visitors should not feel under fire, your proposals should not embarrass, annoy or interfere them.

Ideal – when you leave a choice to your potential customer. Do not ask to register or sign up for the newsletter (this can be regarded as pressure). It is better to make it easy to contact you: select the buttons or tabs that have your contact information. In that case they will be easy to see and find when someone decides to cooperate with you.

Presence of automatically playing videos

How long ago have your speakers last exploded surprisingly? Did you enjoy the automatically reproduced clips, especially those whose volume was high? It seems that no one pressed the play button, but you still see and hear what you did not agree to.
Many believe that this is a good way to attract the attention of those who visited the site for the first time. However, this will quickly produce a negative impression. So, in fact, you should disable autoplay. Give your visitors the opportunity to decide whether to cost anything on your site or not.

Modernity of website design

The modern Internet world is developing very quickly. Technologies do not stand still, which means that users have the right to put increased demands on the resources that they use. Accordingly, if you made out the site of your company for a long time and since then have not done anything to improve it – here it comes! For example, hire trusted designers who will be able to update the design of your site according to the latest trends. In this case, visitors will be willing to cooperate with you.

Number of visitors you are counting on

You will certainly lose a significant part of your visitors if you require personal information from them.

With what thoughts do people come to a particular site? They need specific information, an answer to the question. After that, they just want to leave. If you make a contract with someone or agree to cooperate – then yes, it is appropriate. But again, no more than the name and address of the electronic box. Otherwise, you create a vice that no one wants to hit in.

Therefore, collect information for calls or registration – those who want it, – but do not do this for quantity.

Sneakiness of your offers

“Only today and only with us you will get a 32% discount on all services, if you just subscribe to our newsletter!” It looks rather arbitrary, doesn’t it?
At the moment this is one of the biggest problems. You claim a profitable offer, but hide all the facts, revealing them only after receiving personal information. Assimilate once and for all! If you are ready to give a discount of 32% only to those who spend at least $ 1000 on your site, say it right away!

If you do not, you will lose a huge number of customers who will continue to violently describe the situation to their friends and acquaintances for a long time.

Loaded page views

Your visitors will not be happy if your site is too colorful because of the excessive number of colors and graphics. Most often it’s so unpleasant that it becomes a reason enough to leave your site and never return.
This point may seem rather subjective to you, but you should not underestimate it. Ask people not from your company to look at your site. If it is difficult to find any information – it is worth considering another design option.

Source of photos and pictures

The presence of popular images from the Internet or bad photos can spoil the most professional website. First, they create the appearance of spam, and this already significantly understates your status in the eyes of visitors. And secondly, it all looks like you do not have enough resources to show your own achievements.

But images can work for you! Show visitors what your business is and what benefit they can get from working with you. Use the services of a professional photographer and design your site with quality images of your workplaces or offices, various products or services, as well as well-deserved awards or completed projects.

Concealment of prices for services or goods

The main thing that surfers are looking for when choosing services is an honest site with open price information. If it is very difficult to get to this information or “the price depends on many indicators” and it is not specific, you will almost certainly lose many people.

The fact is that everyone who comes to your site is in search. They will compare prices and other indicators before choosing something specific. In order not to send them to your competitors, tell them honestly about your prices and make it easy to find this information.

Easy navigation

What can be more unpleasant than a huge amount of lost time in search of information? This indicator is important for any region around the world.
Remember when you were last unable to find something on any site. Agree, it easily brings disappointment. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the navigation on your website is simple and understandable.

There is a universal way to solve this problem. When designing a site, think about the navigation bar that stands out against the background of the rest of the page. If your site is complicated and has many levels, use the logical type of navigation. Organize testing by several different people. If you are an owner of an online store, create the ability to search the site. And remember: if visitors can easily find everything that interests them, you will probably have new customers.

Independence level

Allow visitors to determine their own next steps. Yes, not everyone who first comes to your site, immediately ready to cooperate. However, if there are such, for them it should be obvious how to contact you.

If you seriously perceive the need to sell your services or products, every page of your site should have a call to action. It can be something quite simple, for example, the words “call us now”, “ask for advice” or “order a visit.” In that way you show that you are open to cooperation, and give a chance to make their own decision.

Create a special field where each visitor could enter the email address. Even if they are really of little interest, you can send them new proposals or information. In addition, you will have the opportunity to contact them personally, which is always better than mass mailing.

Message tone

“We are very sorry that we can not work around the clock and meet all your needs. We don’t work on Saturdays. It’s a pity.”
Maybe you think that this is how you let your potential customers understand that you do not want to impose them, but who wants to cooperate with those who will not satisfy their needs? Users do not need your compassion. They really will not work with you. No one will.

Mobile version

It’s no secret that search queries appear more from mobile devices than from computers. This shows that many of your potential consumers are looking for information on the go, which means you need to provide a quality mobile version for your site.

This should encourage you to stock up on a flexible design. Your site should ideally adapt to the size of any screen and work on all available browsers. Also do not forget about the interface.

Yes, there is a lot of work here. But if your site is not yet adapted for the mobile version, you should invest in it. So you can have many and many new customers.


If your site is still underdeveloped, you can set new goals. And by improving it you can attract a lot of customers and make your business really successful.

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