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There are two main methods to receive income – hired labour or employment and your own business.
Everything is clear with employment, we prepare a CV, make portfolio, state the achievements we have, register at sites and begin searching for work.
With business everything is not that simple, here you need an idea. The perfect solution will be coming up with a unique product, which will put you beyond tough competition. However, business is not always built around original ideas. So, if you do not have any of that kind, but you really want to have your own business, an online shop is a perfect choice for you. Throughout its history the mankind has not invented anything simpler than reselling goods.
It is a big misconception that your own business begins with your own site creation. The first thing you must do it to define the business niche. This choice depends first of all on the size of initial investment and competitive environment.
The next stage – selection of suppliers. The criteria are clear to everybody: they are price/quality ratio.
Only then the online shop development comes. There are many solutions, ranging from simple installation of templay for OpenCart up to designing and developing online shops from the scratch. It is mandatory to decide the limit of your budget as well as which features the site must have. Taking into account tough competition ability to stand out is a must.
Your online shop’ unique design is what the user will pay attention to first of all. It is worth taking care of the users’ comfort at your site. They should understand where to click and which step will be next. To do it UX/UI design must be applied (UX/UI – is comfort of site for users). After this you have to come up with an idea of technical advantages of the online shop: a bonus system of encouraging buyers or an individual order. Finally, never forget about precious you. Site control must be easy and quick. The ideal option would be writing an administrative panel of content control suiting individual needs. In case the project’s budget does not allow doing that, CMS OpenCart or CMF ModX should be used. They are very convenient and deep-laid.
It is clear that an online shop cannot sell goods by itself. An advertisement campaign is a must. The best variant will be symbiosis of SEO promotional methods, search engine advertising as well as use of social networking sites.
To sum up the above stated, business creation can be divided into 4 stages:
Selection of a business niche.
Selection of suppliers.
Online shop development.
Site promotion.
Remember you can always turn to us to get a free consultation for the questions which are open for you.

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