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How to Convert Website Visitors into Loyal Customers [Detailed Tips]

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Gone are the days when businesses used to hire vendors who carry products door to door for sales. Now Businesses are more digitalized, and a company’s official website is its backbone.

It takes less than one second for visitors to decide whether they like the website. If your website looks good and loads fast, it will help convert leads into sales.

As a business website owner, you need to take advantage of this knowledge.

Let’s dive into the strategies and convert website visitors into loyal customers:

1. Optimize Your Website

A website’s front end is integral to attracting an audience to a digital forum. It is the cleanliness and attractiveness of a webpage that hooks the visitors.

The journey of website optimization begins with clean development. You can pick from various platforms to build your website.

If you choose WordPress to lay out the foundation of your website, you need to be aware of the following web development costs.

  • The complexity of the website.
  • How expert are the developers?
  • Location of a development team.

To generate conversions and sales, it is important to develop a professional website. An SEO-optimized web ranks on top of search engine results. According to statistics, the average conversion availed by companies stands at 2.35%.

While 11.45% is ranked as having a high conversion rate, the top 25% of enterprises are making it up to 5.31%. But without ranking in SERP, you would be unable to stand in the average category (2.35%).

Let’s take a look at the dataset mentioned below. This data clarifies how the position in search results affects the click-through rate:

Rank in Google Search Results Organic Click-Through Rate
01 27.6%
02 15.8%
03 11.0%
04 8.4%
05 6.3%
06 4.9%
07 3.9%
08 3.3%
09 2.7%
10 2.4%

Besides having a good design and solid backend, there has to be a strategy in place to ensure the on-page SEO is on point. If you onboard an SEO company, they have defined goals.

To produce good results, both the web development team and SEO agency must work in tandem.

A good SEO agency is always strategic in devising a strategy. Below are some of the key points that your agency must include in its game plan:

  • Find relevant and well-performing keywords in your niche. You can use various tools for this purpose, like.
  • SEMrush (offers 30 days Trial- Check Here).
  • KWFinder.com.
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • GrowthBar.
  • Research the high volume, low competition keywords and insert them into meta titles.
  • Use high-resolution images and insert Alt text. Make sure to keep the Alt short and to the point, accompanied by target keywords.
  • Update your website with high-quality content that adds value to your target audience. 
  • Hire well-reputed UI/UX teams that improve the visitor’s experience on your page. Search engines will pick up on these signals and rank the website high in search results.

2. Offer Free Services

People love free things. Offering coupons is an effective psychological tactic to influence decisions in your favor. Many services need little or no revenue from your side, but they can hook your visitor by the word “free”

Websites offering free or discounted services have greater chances of winning loyal customers.

People tend to share coupons and free stuff in their circles and urge them to avail discounts. Free services can create long-term relationships between a platform and its visitor.

Things improve; people change to become prosperous with each passing day. Your visitor is becoming decadent and utilizing your free services for two months.

Once users get a taste of your product, they tend to come back and become premium members. Some loyal subscribers convert into premium members when their financial status changes.

So, the ideal approach is to offer a free version of your product with limited features. It is important not to bombard users with sale popups and emails. Let visitors convert into paid customers once they value your product or service.

Let’s take the example of Spotify. In the free version, you have some limitations, like unwanted ads and fewer song choices. But with the premium version, people do not face such constraints.

So, Spotify is making conversions by offering some free basics. This way, Spotify builds relationships with listeners. This way, they tend to avail premiums upon reaching affordability.

Companies can use this case study to convert their visitors into loyal customers.

Below is another example of a page that offers a free service in the form of free delivery. Limelight is a clothing brand that offers free delivery when people order above $20. Limelight displays this at the top of their website window. 

This feature makes their business stand out and hooks the customers who are on the fence. This happens because brands tend to increase delivery charges in the inflation. But Limelight has implemented a better strategy.

They might be compensating by adding a price margin on existing products. Meanwhile, the free delivery offer is a psychological tactic to enforce a certain decision and get the desired outcome.

3. Communicative Website

Online businesses tend to mention all the services they offer on their websites. A lot of times, visitors have questions they want to ask before they pay for the service. Having helpful guides and online chat support connects the website and the visitors.

You cannot afford to have visitors land on your website and then leave for the lack of clarity on the services. Let’s not confuse the user with flashy fonts and cluttered pages. Bringing the traffic to the page is difficult, but converting it is even more important.

Thus, the best strategy is to introduce a communicative chat window on your web page. You can also use FAQs in live chat for some general queries. Then make people ask more questions if FAQs are unable to clarify.

Try to make a live chat box responding; if not, then generate an automatic reply for solving the query soon. Because people can wait until they have a response, but no response will bounce them back.

Consider the following website as a practical example in this regard. ModCloth has provided its visitors with all possible communication pathways.

You can also add a contact us button with company email or social media links of your business. Spdload has applied this strategy as follows:

You can also add a contact us button with company email or social media links of your business. 

These tricks will assist in trust-building and turn visitors into loyal customers.

You can consider the services of developers for introducing live chat on the website. Moreover, free live chat software can assist you in this regard:

  • My LiveChat
  • Hubspot’s Free Live Chat
  • Smartsupp
  • Tidio Live Chat
  • Chatra

4. High-Quality Blog Content

When you make an e-commerce website, it’s important that you focus on quality instead of quantity to add value to the life of page visitors. Quality beats all the numbers when it comes to websites.

The same applies to the blogs section of a product-selling platform. Two kinds of enterprises are wrong with their strategy:

  • One who owns a website, but it has no blog. Every page is about product pricing and marketing messages.
  • Second, who runs a blog filled with irrelevant content that is of no interest to the visitor?

You have to avoid both of these scenarios to build long-term loyal customers.

According to data, enterprises with blogs can drive more links to their site by 97%. Many people cannot buy something but visit a forum to read blog content. You can develop a blog around various topics that move around your niche.

Write blogs that contain all the informative content your target audience wants. For example,

  • “How to” articles.
  • Skin care tips if you are selling skin products.
  • Ideas for color combinations if you are running a clothing brand.
  • Yoga exercises if you are selling gym products.
  • Blogs about website optimization/marketing strategies for tech niche.

Visitors can convert if you build a relationship with them through your content. Hire a smart content writer and plan a content strategy around your niche.

Below are some example blogs for inspiration.

  • Famous store Asda runs a blog section on its website. It features stories and blogs about noble causes.
  • American makeup brand Huda Beauty has unique blog content for fashion lovers.

5. Clean Website Navigation

Website navigation matters a lot for building loyal customers on your website. Clean navigation becomes more critical when you intend to sell something. Users bounce back from websites that are difficult to operate.

Imagine you have to come across 10-15 steps for buying one thing. It is frustrating, you will close the website and look for a better alternative.

For this purpose, ensure your customers do not go through all this when trying to buy the product.

Too many links on the homepage and irrelevant content frustrate visitors. This lousy user experience will also inform search engines about visitor retention time.

Google considers the time spent on the website as a ranking factor. While clean and straightforward navigation provides a pleasant shopping experience to visitors.

You can compare them with two clothing stores. One has separate dedicated portions for the clothes of young and older people. While the other has everything combined in the same place.

People will visit both but prefer the first one because buying was way more convenient. The same strategy applies to web navigation. The more straightforward the navigation, the more chances visitors will turn into customers.

For example, Bonanza Satrangi (a famous clothing brand) has made successful marks on its online shopping platform through a simple navigation process.

People with a smooth shopping experience are likelier to return and recommend the brand to others. You can emphasize your website development team for a clean navigation process.

6. Get Feedback

Building long-term relationship with clients is an easy way to retain them. People value those businesses that respect their opinion. Get feedback from visitors about their experience on your web page.

You can introduce short surveys or feedback forms for this purpose. Track what people are saying about your services. Then implement their suggestions in the form of new company strategies.

Try to keep assessments short. It frustrates clients to feed them with 20 questions before you reach a conclusion. Thus, ask the most important and relevant questions. You can also do this by asking people to rate the service or by a popup “how was your experience.”

Clients feel more valued if you contact them for suggestions; it improves relationships.

You can design an email or message template that can be edited according to each customer’s needs. It will be of even more value if you inform the customer that their recommendation has recently been implemented.

The side menu bar can also add customer feedback and high ratings. The public loves to hear what others are saying about a product.

Positive reviews increase the number of buyers, and you can turn them into long-term loyal customers by providing quality services.

World’s top performing market Amazon is serious about customer reviews. It values the feedback of every individual and displays it as an example for new visitors.  

7. Mobile Responsiveness

Smartphone usage has increased in recent times. This factor influences the digital operations of a business. According to recent statistics, the approximate time of daily mobile usage by one person is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Mobile phones drive 54.4% of website traffic worldwide. It necessitates the presence of a mobile responsive version as a success mark.

Not every individual possesses a PC or laptop. The public prefers to complete all their tasks through mobile phones. A website with a popup saying “open in desktop for better experience” have more chances of losing a visitor instead of making him a loyal customer.

This message is displayed because the website is not responsive or the mobile version is under development. Search engines consider mobile responsiveness as a vital factor for website ranking.

You can miss visitors and loyal customers if your website is unresponsive on your mobile phone.

Some websites operate for a long time when mobile devices are less utilized. But better strategies can be implemented anytime. If you’re a startup, ask your website development team to add a mobile responsive version as an integral step. 

8. Website Loading Time

We live in a hustle, and nobody has enough time to wait for a web page to load. If a page lags, people are likelier to switch to another one. Research studies indicate that greater loading time increases the chance of people bouncing from your website.

Slow loading will divert most of the visitors. Fewer visitors are almost equal to no loyal customers. Moreover, search engines prefer digital forums that load without any wait.

If you do not take care of this, the ranking of your website will also suffer because of increased loading time. Page optimization in terms of content, graphics, and plugins plays a crucial role in the loading speed.

To improve the loading time, Avoid overusing backlinks, large-size images, and complex plugins.

You can also check the speed of your website by using any speed-checking tool. If results do not meet specific criteria, then take appropriate steps to improve the website. In such cases, an expert website development team should be considered.

9. Strong CTA

A call to action is the urge to make your visitors take a step. If implemented in the right way, CTA can play an integral role in driving visitors to buy products or services. Some websites install calls to action and display them on repeat, frustrating visitors.

Use words in CTA that are strong enough to compel your visitors.

You can try various CTAs depending on the niche, but examples of some well-performing CTAs are:

  • Buy now
  • Avail discount
  • Click to reveal
  • Subscribe to our free newsletter
  • Join us
  • Limited time offer
  • Stock ending
  • Start your free trial
  • Learn more
  • Get free shipping

Consider the example of Puma:

You can observe that Puma has added the “SHOP NOW” button with a sale offer. The marketing strategist of Puma is wise enough to compel visitors to click the buy button. Puma has become successful with the implementation of the suitable CTA and now is your turn.

Below is another example of solid CTAs added by Houzz on their home page:

You can observe there are two CTAs for visitors. It has greater chances of conversion because attractive and compelling.

A better understanding of psychology and smart words can help make a strong CTA. These CTAs, in turn, will convert your visitors into loyal customers.

We hope that these strategies are going to be assistive for your startup. Stay connected for reading more development strategies in the upcoming blog.

10. Measure Your Performance and Improve

Now that you have everything set, your website looks good, the back end is fast and bug-free, and SEO is on point. All you need is an editorial team producing amazing content, and you are all set for victory.

After some time, you will observe organic growth in traffic and conversions. At this point, you need to measure your visitor journey and experience. It is important to gather user data if you want to hook your visitors to the website in the long run.

There are a lot of independent analytics tools that you can use to track visitors. Using an analytic tool, you can figure out heat maps and bounce rates. The analytics tool also shows the total number of visitors by demographic, region, age, etc.

Use this information to enhance your product or service and hook visitors for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up

Before I wind up this guide. I would like to emphasize the importance of the hard work it takes to turn concepts into success.

We have designed a blueprint for developing a successful website and winning customers. But that blueprint won’t come to fruition if you are not burning your midnight oil. Remember, your dream has to be more important than your sleep.

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