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Today, if you don’t know what users will say about an app, it will be dangerous to create one.
IOS vs Android
Don’t try to find the best platform. Everything has some good and bad sides. Here you can see some differences, so you will be able to choose which app to launch first.

1. Users
Most of the iOS users are in Europe and America. Statistics show that they are spending a lot of time shopping in applications. Android users, unlike iOS users, use more applications in general. In some regions of Africa, Asia, and South America, the number of Android users is 32 percent higher.

2. Developing
It is harder to develop the Android app because it is more than one system version is using now. Also, devices have different characteristics. On the other side, a major part of IOS users have the same system version, so you won’t need to fit everyone.

3. Time
Development on IOS is always quicker because there isn’t such a big variety as it is in Android. Approximately it takes 35 percent less time, but you will stay more than one week waiting for a review of your app in the App Store.

4. Money
Google platform app needs only twenty-five dollars for every app you upload. Apple Store requires you to pay 4 times bigger price, so it’s more profitable to develop on Android.
Let’s begin developing
After you have decided which platform to choose, you need to find some good developers, who can create your app. There are 2 types: the first one can develop apps on both platforms and the second – using only one framework.

Any application, before appearing, passes through 4 stages:
Wire-framing: It is some kind of design, where you should show everything, what you want to see in the app. If you need some help, contact the designer for help.

App planning: Good plan is more than 50% of success, so you need to have a good one to avoid mistakes or incorrect work. Ask some developers to help and proceed to the next stage.

Coding with integration: Try to monitor the development of the application closely. It is very important to avoid misunderstandings at this stage. Otherwise, you have to redo everything. You should know that right now, your application is being created.

Testing: Any application should be well tested. This is the most important stage before the completion of the development. Ask your friends to use the application for a while. It will help you to get some feedback about it.

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