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Is it possible to eliminate traffic losses after the website redesign?
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At the moment you started up, your company’s website was as modern as possible. However, over time, there is sometimes a need to revise and modify the design. If you do not follow general changes, the site will no longer be useful.
If you still decided to partially update the site, then for sure it was nice to actually see the updated results in faster and better work. In the case of correct intervention, the result will be exactly like this.
However, this does not always happen. Some notice that during few first days and even weeks after the work on the site traffic is noticeably losing momentum.

Common causes
The direct task of reach search engine, like, for instance, Google, is scanning and indexing new pages of well-known Internet sites. This happens for the integration of new versions for online users. As a result, traffic may decrease.
If this problem remains relevant – this is a sign of something worse. To eliminate the possible complications, you can check the following three factors.

Redirection is one of the necessary steps in the process of the website redesign, and in case you skip it’s like you ask for traffic reduction. If you do not set yourself the task of keeping the old addresses of all pages, redirecting is vital. Thus, search programs understand the location of information on new pages. If you changed the page addresses but did not use redirection, this could be the main reason for the partial disappearance of traffic. To change the situation, it is necessary to resort to the detailed redirection of each link.

Site structure
Indexing the Google system directly depends on the structure of the site. If the website redesign has changed everything too much, you need to create a new corresponding file.

Copy of website
Sometimes the redesign of the site suggests creating a new copy. This can be used only in the case of specially directed work of copywriters taking into account key queries.
The old pages of the website were targeted to keywords representing the corresponding semantic core. Changing the content or forgetting about the need to take into account the keywords you are depriving yourself of traffic. So your site no longer contains the information that users need, which means the system will not show it on the search pages.
A suitable way to solve the problem is cooperation with the SEO optimizer. Many years of experience will tell him how to optimize your site. The saved previous version of the page will help with a set of keywords.

When should traffic recover?
Diagnose the operation of the site and traffic flow. If the source of the problem is one of the typical situations described above, get down to business. Work on this first. However, even after the actions undertaken, it is unlikely that you will feel the effect immediately. This is because the search engine still needs to scan each of your new pages and assign new indexes to them. Only after that, your site may appear again in search results, and traffic – recover.

How to avoid problems with traffic during the intervention
Owners of new sites that have not yet undergone a redesign, based on the above situations, may think that additional interference with the site is not so necessary. However, in fact, the process of redesign is an important milestone in the development of each site. It can only be useful if you consider the following points:

1. Include SEO in the process
Keep in view the limits of cooperation between your team and the SEO. Even if you do not doubt the qualifications of each employee, the constant help of an experienced person will allow you to minimize the loss of site traffic. In addition, such consultations will help to understand what to do with the traffic after the redesign and even how to benefit from it for your business.

2.Analyze an existing site and develop all the changes by items
Before the beginning of a complete re-planning of the site, it is necessary to make an inventory of all its pages. To this end, many free tools are placed on the Internet, which will not only quickly and efficiently do their work but will also display the results in an understandable table.
The general structure of the site and the addresses of the Internet pages can remain the same. The redesign can solve the issue of illogical construction, for example, the lack of folders and relevant names.

3. Set up redirects
A little earlier the lack of redirects was mentioned as one of the most common causes of traffic problems. If you needed to change the Internet addresses of your pages, it’s important to configure them before restarting the updated site.
Among other things, it’s important to check the 301 indicators in the page codes, because the search robots can define it as a constant. The most common mistake is to specify the code 302 – the code of the temporary redirect. It may cause serious problems.

4.Create a new sitemap
Before starting your updated site, create a map of it. Most often, you can specify a maximum of 100 pages, so you should carefully choose the most important of all, especially if your site is large. In this case, it’s map might look as a general overview.

5. Check the location of your analytics tracking code.
This must be checked at least twice. Of course, this is by far not the most interesting part of your work, but your observation and attentiveness will help to eliminate the loss of at least part of the traffic of your site.
Make sure your code is in one of the page headers. So you extend the life of your nerves and will be able to follow the traffic everywhere where there is code.

Did the changes on the site lead to a loss of traffic?

Problems with traffic after the redesign of the Internet site arise almost all the time, and it would be foolish to deny the stress of this situation. If you are faced with this problem, regardless of whether the described reasons coincided with your situation or not – let us know!

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