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IT markets for B2B
By Max Babych
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How IT helps B2B with markets

Relations between businesses are becoming wider and involve more spheres as a field of communication and collaboration, no matter what kind of services it will be. This process influences the IT and causes growing of new markets and business ideas developing which are created with the help of digital agencies and huge IT companies. They help business owners to collaborate with another ones and to stow contracts.

The most useful IT services for B2B and B2C

One of the most popular in B2B community is a market of payment solutions for B2B. Companies and agencies communicate and make deals so that they need to pay each other. Sometimes contracts cost really much so developing special tools and applications for business to realize their payment safely and rapidly is important aim of IT. That is why it is a separate kind of IT market.

Another one market of web development for business is the market of development a communication platforms. Creating a B2B portal has become extremely demanded because this type of virtual connection gives business owners an opportunity to speak to each other, to discuss important for their firms things and what is the most important – to create a solutions that help to earn money. In other words B2B websites in New York, for example, where number of businesses is enormous are arenas to share thoughts and make a joint deal.

No less important than previous is a type of markets called B2B e commerce. The meaning of this word is simple. It is a special virtual analog of your real trade business in the web. It does not mean that when you are opening a web store you are obligated to close your real store. But most of owners who have Internet stores close their real shops because e commerce is cheaper and more elastic when you want to change something. It is easier to imply marketing features and advertise your business. Finally, e commerce really reduces costs. That is why it is so wide and B2B e commerce marketsize is the biggest market of IT sphere.

By the way creative B2B marketing campaigns are another part of the whole IT market. Contemporary marketing has become effective only with the help of informational technologies which deliver info to the potential customer’s gadgets and therefore to their mind. You may know many examples of such activity when you receive some advertisement on your cell phone. Also that algorithm can be implied to other business owners to gain new contracts and just to emphasize someb ody’s attention on firm.

B2C websites are another part of whole IT services market. Modern business cannot exist in vacuum only cooperating with other businesses. Finally, the circle of cooperation ends on customer who buys somebody’s product. That is why using only B2B portals is not enough. The connection of business and community has the same level of importance as the connection of business owners because it provides the channels of selling your products and thus gaining greater revenues. Developing of selling system by creating websites which are directed on customer is one of the most vital targets of business. Also websites in world may be used as additional marketing channel. And do not forget about mobile version. Thus information you would like to bring to your client can always be in his phone.

Complete market solution

The last one type of commercial markets in IT is creating marketplace for B2B which is complex and has a lot of functionalities which are profitable for business. The definition of marketplace is simple. This is a type of trading platform where special participants of this specific marketplace, for example, only businessmen or basic customers too can meet each other’s services and products and therefore to buy it. Each marketplace in the Internet is developed on particular framework which helps it to be unique and gather unique functionalities. Ebay is a marketplace but it is also an auction what differs if from Amazon due to specific framework. Marketplaces are very popular now because its help users to find information in one places except searching through the whole web trying to find what he need. Owning a marketplace can be a nice business with a great income. Finally, it can reduce costs for firms which are too small to create their own site but need a place where to organize their trade.

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