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In this article let’s talk about the Landing Page, the place surfers arrive where they will hopefully be converted into our customers. It doesn’t matter what you call it – a lead, a capture page or just a one-page site.

Analysis of goods group or service

A proper Landing Page begins with a careful product or service selection analysis. The space limitation for information makes us choose only the most attractive goods or service. By this, I mean the products that create the maximum financial flow or number of customers. An important factor is customer’s trust in the product, obviously, selling a well-known telephone brand and a vision correction service is totally different things. Even when vision correction service is the most appealing one for your type of business, you should not stake everything on it. Probably few people would buy such a service online.
Remember never to try to fit all your products onto one page!

Target audience analysis

We do want a quality, Landing Page, don’t we? At this stage, we analyze who visits our site and what they want. The audience can be divided into several categories by their parameters: gender, age and income level.
This stage is necessary not only for advertising but also for picking the way to present information. For instance, creating a Landing Page for a web-studio, offering website development, we just cannot make a pink site with kittens. Language and location of the site are determined at this stage also.

Prototype creation UX-research-in-product-development

No, it is not a design. Creation of a prototype generally reduces the price of development. It is one thing to change the position or edit black-and-white elements initially, and it is another thing to do the same action in the final design version and adjust pixels every time.
The prototype gives us understanding how the site will look like. It will be the same layout of blocks, elements, positioning, distances, and proportions, as well as method of information delivery.

Design development

At last, our brainchild acquires its form and appearance. For an ideal design give us some information, about the styles you like. Prepare about three examples of design you like. Minimalism, flat design, and material design are some of the directions in which we work. These directions involve the use of certain color ranges. To make it simpler for you, we suggest that you look at the examples of designs developed in these styles.
Minimalism, flat design, angular material design
We will also need to know your color preferences, particularly the colors you dislike.
The design is a laborious process and we cannot do without your help at this stage. We certainly are professional designers and we know which way is the best. We use Usability eXperience and Usability Interface approaches. Nevertheless, your site must be 100 % appealing for you that is why we gladly accept your advice and recommendation regarding the design improvement.

We are not simply in the universe, we are part of it. We are born from it. One might even say we have been empowered by the universe to figure itself out — and we have only just begun.

Adaptive HTML layout

HTML layout and deployment of the site to a domain are the last stages of development. Customer’s participation is not required here. Last two years we have been producing adaptive designs only. Traffic from various devices is steadily growing each day. We can’t ignore this fact in our work. That is why our sites are displayed correctly at any devices with any screen type.
We use plenty of modern technologies which allow our sites download extremely fast. For example, we use lazy load for downloading, when the content is downloaded only for the visible part of a page. We also work with pjax technology for the quick change of content within one page. JavaScript is massively used good-looking animation and making the site more interactive. It is by far not a full list.
And finally, the last stage, which is a personal consultation. It a good thing to read all this, but remember you always can turn to us to get a free consultation for the questions which are open for you.

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