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Machine learning apps
By Max Babych
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AI studying applications

Informational technologies does not stay on the same place in the process of their development because people tend to create something that will get their existing functions away from them. That is why if you open any technical magazine or website you will find that the theme of applications of machine learning is growing faster and faster. This article will be devoted to the new arising trend in the sphere of computer science and informational technologies – machine intelligence, which become closer in their cooperation.

Before we start talking about machine learning applications we should define what machine learning and artificial intelligence mean. When you were just a child you watched a science fiction films where a lot of robots were and other smart technics that were active and do their functions without humans. These mechanisms in film are an excellent example of implementation of artificial intelligence into machines via using special learning applications that work in some kind as a software in such mechanisms. Machine learning is a process of uploading structured information and thinking algorithms into machine that then will give it an ability to act in semi-autonomous or even autonomous mode and learn surroundings by itself that can be a one side of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a type of system that provide machine with an ability to work without a human and to decide what to do themselves. It is an uploaded code but this code is not just an algorithm of what to do. It is an algorithm of how to think in case of solving a problem.

Machine learning technology is based on diverse amount of learning techniques, which are being implied to the machines. The main reason of such AI and ML boom is their possible ability to bring new outstanding results in the field of business. It is already possible to use such technologies in different business spheres which will reduce costs and increase the efficiency of work because machine or application which will conduct usual employee’s function will bring more result because it has more resources and it can execute human function more accurate and more objectively. That is why machine learning is needed in modern business and it so popular among developers and scientists.

Areas of use machine studying apps

Machine learning services are really needed in today’s business because they can sometimes save a lot of money or bring owner to success before his competitors. Due to the great availability of solving tasks that could require hours from human in a few seconds. We will look through a few examples of where such technology could be used and how.

Deep machine learning is used in healthcare business sphere, for example. You may heard about robotic nurses or automatic surgery helpers that act almost autonomously and help doctors to perform difficult operations. The level of complexity is so high that these kind of operations could not be conducted without such modern mechanisms. Therefore, you have to realize the complexity of software structure on such machines. Firstly, they must be equipped with a high-quality computer vision system and only then, they must be equipped with an embedded application that will provide machine with analysis of human body basics and ready to act decision. Before uploading such software into machine “mind” it is required to upload a data which will play a role of books for our nurse. And then it is also needed to test how machine reacts on tasks that will appear before them.

Big data machine learning can be used in business that operates in financial sector. Banking and other possible financial services is deeply concerned with huge amounts of digital data of their clients. Sometimes it is more convenient to use special application which conducts data analysis of client accounts in order to decide what to offer to your client in particular situation.

Also deep learning of machines is used in social media and web sphere. For example, when you use any search engine it has its own algorithms of deciding what content to show to user. This algorithm is based on analyzing users’ previous requests which can be storaged on a server or analyzing of frequency of some request in concrete region.

Finally, customer of an IT company or laboratory that develops apps of machine learning do not always need to buy ready automated product because he may just be in need of qualitative software, application that he plans to deploy on his machinery basis.


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