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Self learning algorithm developmnet
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Increasing growth of technologies which is provided by investing costs into computer science and the entire sphere of informational technologies has caused precedents of birth of some new software architecture. This type of program structure is based on self-learning algorithms. Self-learning technology is becoming extremely popular and the most innovative technological products which interact with surrounding world and need to work directly with clients are developed using machine learning.

Self learning algorithm is a set of commands for software which is already existing but functional aims of which demands to recognize huge data arrays from the world. The simplest example is people’s race recognition by analyzing face characteristics. This set gives an opportunity to programmer to cut some development time and reduce an amount of code by teaching machine to learn surrounding world or informational environment by itself. But code is still needed as a teaching book.

Machine Learning techniques

Machine learning techniques are some special methods of programming and manipulations with the almost final code which makes product to be alive in some sense and to act with an object by its own. Machine learning techniques help optimize working with a big amounts of data by using statistical analysis which means searching required information through huge blocks of statistics. Basically, this technology works with the amount of data which is “feeded” to software which then extracts some general patterns of information that will be used in formulating a conclusion each software user’s query. Further pattern recognition by comparing submitted data and patterns will be the main part of work of technological product which is based on this technology.

Development of machine learning algorithms is becoming required because modern business which is concentrated in the web is based on the interaction between client and database. That means collecting users’ confidential data into database storages. This amount of data is known as Big Data have become a new trend in business and software development because it can provide business owners with new information which has not been evident before. This process is known as data mining because program goes deep into data analysis and reveal information and connections between segments which have not been known before. It is like mining because you know that you have some resource base but you do not know how much of these data you can use indeed. Moreover machine learning is used when we are talking about building a neural networks which are also good instruments to improve your marketing and sales and increase visitors rate.

Software architecture

Thus you can realize that previously unrevealed information may be used to upgrade business and be more competitive in contemporary market conditions. Machine learning applications are becoming required while doing some business via Internet because it can make business owners’ activity more effective. Gathering information about clients and analyzing it can give sellers and service providers an opportunity to predict people’s needs therefore to suggest something to them. That can increase sales rate and total income. Thus can be done by building and changing static models on historical data about client and his choice.

Moreover machine learning development will always stay practical field of work and will provide accuracy of predictions because algorithms are made with the function of cycled diagnosis of information scope. That means that results of work of programs with machine learning systems inside will be able to refresh when defined amount of data will be added to the amount which exists.

The last thing which is worth to say is that machine learning software can shorten delivery times of different queries because system has already formed static patterns which is concerned with almost all types of client’s queries. Thus when client makes a query system will not search through the entire database but will compare the query with ready patterns formed on base of previous queries.

Finally, software engineering involves machine learning techniques in more projects because it is a great way to minimize scale of work, to maximize efficiency and product performance.


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