System Noisam: security control

Have you heard such an expression: “My home is my castle”? Is it how you feel about it? Let’s consider some features of our Noisam product.

A reliable house is a safe house! Now you do not have to worry about your and your family’s safety. Everything falls on the shoulders of the audio security system, built up into any smart home. It in time will prevent and eliminate unwanted and life-threatening situations. The “smart” manager will inform you about the condition in the house, apartment or office – now, yesterday or about the events of a week ago. Your house in time will detain the intruders, immediately react and eliminate the fire, the leakage of gas and water, notify all services, will reduce all your losses to a minimum.

Your home is supervised while you are still sleeping, traveling or leaving your children at home. An invisible, non-remunerative labor and 100% effective home guard will ensure the safety of absolutely all rooms, adjacent territories and domestic guests.

The Smart House system can:

  • identify and prevent fire with built-in sensors, inform you and relevant services about the type of incident and place via the Internet, mobile phone or monitor / TV;
  • determine and prevent gas leakage, including in your garage, when the exhaust gas content with the engine engine turned on has reached the maximum permissible threshold (the system will notify the fire alarm, send you an SMS message, open a window or gate for ventilation);
  • to eliminate the deluge – turn off the water as soon as it detects water leakage on the floor (a notification will be sent to your mobile phone or personal computer);
  • Noisam will get the situation due to the dangerous recognition, and the smart house will detain the robber using pre-established scenarios – sudden light activation, sound signal, closing the gate, calling security services, etc .;
  • “Cooperate” with the video surveillance system and “report” about all the events taking place in the house and surroundings, remembering everything without exception.

Smart House can prevent water and gas leaks and eliminate fire. The house provides security and protects the territory from robbers and reports everything.

Why is it better with Noisam?

When deciding to install the Noisam system, first of all, you choose the protection and safety of your family. Noisam is a 100% reliable and effective keeper of your home comfort.


  • You will always be informed of what is happening in a way that is convenient for you.
  • At any time of the day and in any place where there is Internet connection you have the opportunity to connect to your home and monitor or change the status of system noise recognition parameters.
  • You can provide limited access to your home to your family and friends / workforce.
  • The security system of your home can be connected to the security service (including the installation of an alarm button).

In the Smart House you can control the security and safety system through the control panel, remotely, by voice or connection to the security service. Control allows you to adjust the parameters of all equipment.

Security at the smart house system

  • Is provided by the main elements of the system, alarms – light, sound, closing / opening doors / gates and locks, loudspeakers (there is also a system of audio triggers recognition).
  • The system can be controlled by the control panel (keypad), taking into account the individual access level (code or access card).
  • Protection of the house in case of bad weather (closing the blinds in case of heavy rain and wind) or emergency situations (flooding, ignition), protective function in the event of a power failure (overload, overvoltage, failure).
  • Blocking or disabling of unused wiring or electrical circuit (for example, while sleeping in a bedroom).
  • Preparation of comfortable conditions for your children – setting room temperature, turning off the sockets, gradually reducing the brightness of lighting.
  • Practical features for the disabled – voice and remote control of the house system and its individual modules, one command can be performed several actions, managed by computer from one place (for immobilized).


With the Smart House and Noisam system, the security features of your home become truly unlimited. You can always be calm for the safety of your family, home and property. Now there is no abnormal situation, about which yesterday you could think of as a terrible dream, will not disturb the peace and comfort of your home. You will sleep peacefully!

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