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The Latest Web Design Trends We Love

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The website design world is dynamic; it’s ever-changing. So is it possible to hook visitors to an average website design? No.

But, some things will never change in a website design:

  • data security,
  • fast load times, and
  • easy-to-use navigation.

As you may know, the website design industry is always changing. So it’s essential to keep up with the current web design trends. That will help your business stay ahead of your competitors.

This guide will show you the latest web design trends you should look out for.

Let’s begin.

17 Promising Web Design Trends You Should Know

Discover some of the best web design trends in 2022 and beyond. In this section, you’ll find some of the best designs from previous years, which are still trending. But you’ll also find exciting website design discoveries from the latest technology.

1. Behavioral Design

Behavioral design is about leveraging visual cues to influence user behavior. You can use scientific data and creative design to improve the user experience.

For example, let’s say you want to help people learn new skills, achieve fitness goals, or keep up with a daily habit. Then, you can use this behavioral design to create apps and products that do that.

Headspace is only one of several products to include behavioral design thinking. It uses this technology to inspire its subscribers to meditate daily. And that’s the reason for its massive success.

But, there are ethical concerns. Behavioral science can influence people’s choices and actions. The design industry will use the technology for good and manipulate people.

2. Memphis Design

Memphis design was one of the most popular styles in the 1980s. It combined various wild shapes and patterns.

Memphis design rejected the minimalism and the purported great taste of art critics. But it made the design more vibrant, accessible, and experimental.

Minimalism has resulted in many interfaces that are (although intuitive) too uniform. And this mindset rings especially true today.

Many website designers are now using Memphis design as a starting point. That’s because it creates an emotional and memorable experience for site visitors.

3. Using 3D Visuals

The 3D design has come a long way since Geocities’ blocky and beveled edges. But thanks to high-resolution screens, you can include 3D images into site designs. And these images are of high quality.

Instead of being flashy distractions, they enhance the user experience.

This example from Pitch features a vibrant layout with various three-dimensional forms. It also includes layered components, gradients, and shadows.

This design comes to life thanks to the addition of 3D design elements.

Adding 3D features to your web page gives the page a sense of depth and uniqueness.

4. Horizontal Scrolling

Vertical navigation is the norm. It’s popular and straightforward to use. But the side scroll style can have interesting interactions between visuals and texts.

It’s particularly true for websites that provide catalogs, portfolios, maps, and similar items. Also, scrolling sideways makes visiting online galleries and exploring towns more enjoyable.

Many website designers have started experimenting with animation transitions and website layout changes. That also includes color schemes.

Each scroll can even appear to be a new page.

But when using the scroll effect, use arrow buttons with legible labeling. That will guide visitors across the horizontal information.

When done well, horizontal scrolling can enhance a website’s appeal, memorable and fun.

5. Augmented Reality

The success of Pokémon Go created new opportunities for AR to enter the website design atmosphere.

Many site designers now use AR to do several things. For example, they overlay computer-generated pictures on top of actual objects and surroundings.

This technology helps customers to try out their preferred outfits, accessories, etc., online. And the filters used are much like Instagram and Snapchat.

The only difference is that AR offers a 360-degree immersive user experience.

For example, this “Build & Price a Jeep” page from Jeep makes use of augmented reality. If you don’t want to go to auto dealerships, this is a great way to avoid the hassle.

More retail and e-commerce websites are using Augmented Reality to boost sales. And also to give customers more control over purchasing.

6. Fluid Layout

Layouts are becoming more and more recognized each year. So there are fewer color changes between website blogs. And modest single-color or gradient backgrounds and minimal section borders.

That’s why more people are using the layout. You can use it on e-commerce, law firm and other institution websites. The layout is very flexible, making it adaptable to any client’s conditions and likes.

7. In-App Communication Becoming More Seamless

Hybrid in-person and remote communication are becoming more popular. And that’s because more people continue to work from home.

Because of this, in-app communication must be more fluid and engaging.

In-app collaboration has become a significant focus in the past few years. So product designers are improving in-app communications for SaaS and technology companies.

For example, FIGJAM is now equipped with a “high five” option. This makes it possible for users working in groups to:

  • congratulate one another,
  • share their successes, or
  • draw the attention of their coworkers to a file they’re working on.

It soon disappears, much like when you raise your hand to talk on video.

8. Preference-Based Designs

More individualized experiences are now possible thanks to advances in web development.

For example, you can add a dark or light mode switch and other features to websites. But doing that changes a site’s appearance and navigation.

Another way is to provide content tailored to users’ preferences. For example, think of Spotify’s personalized playlists.

The internet has become more user-centered thanks to new design principles and algorithms. So meeting a website’s visitors’ requirements and preferences is becoming the main priority.

9. Voice Optimization

More businesses are optimizing their websites for voice searches now more than ever.

Here’s why.

Online shopping transactions were worth about $2 billion in 2017. They used voice-activated devices like Google Home to make these purchases. And the data shows it may increase to about $40 billion in 2022.

So it’s important to voice search in your site’s content to rank high in search results. High search rankings bring more targeted traffic to your website.

To do that, you must integrate natural language processing (NLP). This will appeal to all your audiences, including voice searchers. That’s because more people are now using speech technology like Siri to search online.

10. Soft And Comfortable Colors

Many people spend a lot of time on their computers. So many users report experiencing eye fatigue after spending hours staring at displays. So website designers focus more on color schemes that are gentler on users’ eyes.

Website designers focus more on soft and comfortable hues. It’s a middle ground between bright and dark themes. Warm browns, greens, and other gentle hues calm the eyes and prevent eye strain.

Users can profit from this trend since it allows them to spend more time on a website. And there are no distractions to disrupt their experience.

11. Visible Borders

Some websites place a strong emphasis on flow. Others embrace the grid by enclosing sections and navigation in visible borders.

Your website can have what visitors expect to see on a modern website. But it can also integrate vintage and retro aesthetics. And that’s what visible borders do best.

Thin gridlines are the most popular because they are the least distracting to the eye. But larger lines can make a stronger statement if they align with a company’s branding.

Delicate lines acknowledge the trend without letting it dictate the entire design. This contrasts with thicker lines that often read as more of a harsh throwback.

12. Drag Interaction

Drag interactions simulate a real, physical action. They allow website visitors to move anything they see on the screen. More websites, especially e-commerce and portfolio sites, are implementing this design trend.

With some websites, you can drag and drop the various slides or use the controls on the homepage slider.

The drag speed-based page transitions and animations give users a sense of control.

13. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With good cause, artificial intelligence is advancing in every aspect of marketing. Integrating AI into your website allows you to use data to meet client needs. For instance, many websites incorporate chatbots that respond using artificial intelligence.

Chatbots help businesses by freeing up resources for other tasks. But it also assists customers by responding to questions immediately.

Chatbots are among the simplest ways to integrate artificial intelligence into your website.

Of course, you may have to consider the web design cost. But it’s not something you can’t do, even if you’re starting a business from scratch.

14. Use Bold Color

Colors have a massive influence on how your audience perceives your website. So it has a massive influence on your brand identity. When people see your colors, they will immediately think of your brand.

Bright colors grab the interest of your viewers and keep them on your page. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your color scheme if it’s old or old-fashioned. To make your website stand out, choose lighter variations of your color scheme.

It’s an excellent strategy for making your website stand out. This gives your website a distinctive and new element. Also, your website will stand out if you update the colors on your pages.

So it’s vital to reevaluate your color scheme. And ensure your audience still finds it attractive.

15. Interactive Fonts

Some designers can now have text move and interact with a user’s mouse. For example, some sites use hover-state change, much like you would with a button. It’s a simple approach to making text interactive.

It’s simpler to use no-code platforms than using other methods. But it’s also essential to consider legibility when incorporating interactivity into fonts. That’s because some viewers get distracted by moving characters.

The font used on the Dillinger website varies in weight as the pointer moves over the text. Furthermore, the text shrinks against the black backdrop, making it more readable. That is a massive improvement for usability.

The site feels more immersive as a result of the bigger cursor.

16. Claymorphism

One of the newest and most innovative trends in website design is Claymorphism. This site design can give your site an interactive look. And you can do this by using friendly, engaging 3D hands, humans, or other illustrations.

It fits in well with a minimalist design.

You need four styles to create Claymorphism:

  1. Big rounded corners
  2. Bright, pastel, and vivid colors
  3. Outer shadow
  4. Doubler inner shadows

17. Scrollytelling

Designing narrative web experiences has become a popular trend in recent years. Scrollytelling solves this problem by enhancing the narrative and drawing the viewer in.

Scrollytelling is a type of visual storytelling. And the best uses of scroll telling practice:

  • Limit your movement to a small area.
  • Make sure any scroll-telling feature emphasizes the story, not distract crucial information.
  • Offer easy-to-use playback controls that show when to play, pause and stop interactions. That way, users can interact on their terms.

Final Thoughts

Web design trends are evolving and will indeed change in the future. But to design a fantastic website, you don’t need to enforce all these trends.

But, even a few significant or subtler elements can improve your website’s UX. And that can result in more engagement, CTA clicks, and a better ending for your online business.

It doesn’t matter how unusual the approach is to these trends. The goal is to

  • create a transient sense of wonder in the user, to
  • thrill them with interactions and animations, or
  • to deliver something new.


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