Unique sound recognition system

Perhaps you have heard many times about the smart house system. It is a technology that can control the flow of water, gas and electricity, make manipulations with devices or cheerfully open the garage door when you are coming home by car. A smart house is economical. Moreover, this is an excellent solution for those who like to be a little lazy. However, none of these systems is able to do what the product developed by us can do. Let me introduce to you a unique in its kind system of recognition of audio signals – Noisam!

Our system apart

The main task of the product is to recognize the level and type of noise in a particular room. The created system consists of three parts: sensor, application and website. Each component has its own function.

First, the noise recognition sensor detects sounds and translates them through the Internet. It is worth noting that when the noise level does not exceed normal, the sensor is in sleep mode. However, when the situation changes, it automatically turns on and takes what is happening.

The recording of the event is sent to the website where the user account is located. Also, a person receives an alert about the incident on the phone via the mobile application. Along with it comes the audio recording.

Benefits of involved technologies

As a basis for the project development, we have taken P2P technology. Thanks to this, you can work with the system without creating a separate server for it. At the same time, each of the components of the system works to improve its own quality.

Our audio security system is equipped with online alerts. It does not matter whether it’s a house or an office – in any room the sensor can be connected to other applications or messengers.

Noise can recognize the type of noise, for example, to determine a shout or a shot. This will help you to keep abreast of developments and at the same time not to be distracted by trifles.

Since the Noisam system runs on the SAAS platform, each client can customize it for their needs. The list of modifiable elements includes the following:

  • Permissible noise level.
  • The sensor operating time.
  • Software update.
  • Combining Noisam with a smart home system or other programs.

The latter possibility exists due to a simple and flexible API. The client is free to change the control settings over the premises without needing to change the supplier.

Guaranteed calmness and confidence

The new audio trigger recognition system helps everyone to stay informed about events at home or in the office when they can not be there personally. You can monitor the progress both from the phone and from any other device.

The sensor was designed for round-the-clock operation. Therefore, you can safely leave your children or elderly at home without your personal presence. At any time, you can open the application and assess the situation in real time. The system of dangerous recognition will notify you about unusual incidents immediately.

The program of Noisam will be useful also in the event that you often travel abroad. The system will monitor the changes in the situation and, in case of danger, will inform the responsible services. This is the way to manage the house from a distance. In addition, Noisam will be an excellent addition to any system of intelligent home management.

Can you buy peace?

Yes, you can. If you install our product at home or in the office, you will appreciate the benefits of a quiet life when there really is less reason to worry. In case you are interested in our offer, we sincerely invite you to contact us in any convenient way for you. Try and see for yourself how pleasant life is without unnecessary excitement and with a guarantee of tranquility!

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