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Video pattern recognition
By Max Babych
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Using video recognition soft in different spheres

Technologies those are responsible for making future machines more operable mostly depends on the algorithms of recognition. Video, audio and image recognition gives robots and automotive mechanisms an ability to see surrounding area and to interact with any stuff they have to in order to their functionalities list.

As our autonomous machines and modern robots are becoming more dynamic than static model of recognition of changing image becomes more required though video object recognition takes its place in contemporary software development. What is video recognition? It is highly accurate analysis by specially developed software which gives an ability to a computer or to any autonomous system to recognize environmental basics which will make this system capable of doing what it was done for. Such systems are learned about the patterns of video which they will meet often and also they can be provided with an ability to learn a new particle in existing pattern to update it.

Today’s world gives us a lot of examples of spheres where video object recognition is required to be. Some spheres just can not proceed to a progress without video recognition because their systems rely on perception of outer visual information only. There are at least three examples of where pattern recognition of video is obligatory to use – developing of advance driver assistance systems or in other words self-driving car. This segment of new technologies is quite popular now in the world. Then military sphere which depends a lot on information provided by intelligence services and from appliances from combat machines from battlefield. And the last where visual recognition is important is security sphere which almost like a military relies on amount of information provided by sensors including visual ones.

Object recognition and cars

If we talk about autonomous cars it is worth to say that a lot of modern technologies are being used while developing a self-driving car or at least driver assistance system. Such car requires a lot of information about surrounding environment to build a highly detailed 3D-map or just navigate without it in the roads, tracking car’s route. Of course we can upload maps to car database but we need to check this map in reality in order to be confident if anything does not change. That is why self-driving cars use a lot of sensors in motion: lidars, ultrasonic, radars and of course cameras. Camera provides an autonomous car with an ability to see what is happening on the road and to compare it with information provided by map. Also camera gives an opportunity to identify a lot of types of obstacles by outline of object recognition and then to conclude how to act in particular case. While other sensors can just measure a distance or detect a light camera can percept a lot of visual components which will ensure assistance system to act in the right way, for example, behavior of pedestrians.

Recognition soft for martials

Another example where object recognition software must be on board is military sector. All of combat activity or any military structure are deeply concerned about the lack of operative information because they need it to estimate a situation and plan their actions. Firstly, military sector mostly relies on the data provided by different kinds of intelligence service. These services require a lot of technical devices to recognize environment, people’s appearance and any information that they can get. Intelligence needs video recognition every where in order to provide other departments with actual data. They need to watch and to identify any problem by video anonymously. Then other departments needs to scan the terrain in order to find out any enemies or hidden threats, in order to detect threats earlier than they can harm personnel.

Importance recognition of video in different sectors

Finally, video pattern recognition software is required in robotic sphere and medicine. Robots whether they are used in medicine or anywhere else require stable patterns of video image to act properly according to their direct functionality and to make a representation of their conclusion if we talking only about medicine. Such mechanisms are learned via machine learning technology and the most common for them patterns of actions and examples of things that they can be in touch are uploaded.

It will be an ordinary question where such systems are being developed because it seems that such works are restricted in most of firms. But to be honest it is OK to ask any company to develop such system for you. Some security companies or medical groups need such technology because it is a big progress for them. So it is not a secret. Video recognition is a modern technology that is becoming more known and popular day by day.

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