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Web development trends in 2018
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It’s not a surprise that the scientific and technological progress plays a crucial role in all fields of our lives nowadays. You have surely noticed that some technologies that were in trend several years ago, now are considered to be old-fashioned. The thing is that currently there are a lot of opportunities for developers to simplify their work and make much more user-friendly websites and applications that the users will definitely love. In order to keep up with the times, it is necessary to check out what happens within the industry. Here we would like to present you web development latest and future trends that you could take into account in 2018.

1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App is not a new technology, it was created in 2015 by Google. However, at first, it wasn’t taken seriously by developers from all over the world. But now this technology is becoming more and more popular leaving native apps lag behind.

Progressive Web App (PWA) looks like a native app for a smartphone, but it is accessed via browsers. It is possible to install the app on the home screen directly from the browser, receive pop-up notifications and work in the offline mode.

Development of such an app can be several times cheaper and faster than the native one, which opens a lot of new opportunities for small companies. For users the benefits are no less significant: it does not take up space in the phone’s memory, there is no need to download the application from the stores.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Сhatbots are virtual interlocutors, programs that simulate a living person. The algorithm is based on artificial intelligence. Interaction usually takes place via Internet chat.

The most common are electronic managers who advise the user when they visit the site. However, the functions of chatbots are constantly expanding. Now such programs already remind personal secretaries, their responsibilities include informing about the weather, about discounts, booking tickets and much more.

There are 2 popular types of chatbots: the first operates on the basis of a set of rules, and the second has machine learning module. This means that the first type reacts only to extremely specific commands; when entering unknown commands that are not recognized, the chatbots become useless. Such a bot will operate only within the specified algorithms. The more advanced version has an artificial intelligence module, i.e. machine learning. These bots already understand the human language and not only a set of commands. The possibilities of communication are much broader. In addition, chatbots are trained after each communication session.

Due to their features, they became very popular. The list of opportunities includes counseling on:

  • medicine;
  • law;
  • insurance;
  • purchases and sales;
  • investment and other areas.

Chatbots appeared a long time ago, but have become a trend only recently. It is not yet clear how this market will develop. One thing is obvious: the range of such bots is very wide and large companies are interested in them.

3. Motion UI

Although nowadays web design tends to be more simple and minimalistic, undeniable web design trend of 2018 is smooth animation. Thanks to the interface animation, you can liven up a bit a minimalistic site. Motion UI library allows developers to animate content without having any deep knowledge of JavaScript or the jQuery library. The development is based on the SASS preprocessor. Creating hovers, animated charts, header transitions etc with this technology is quite simple and makes web pages much more interesting and non-boring.

4. Single-page websites

SPA is an application, or site, the functionality of which is maximally transferred to the client side. When the application is loaded for the first time, the client program receives the page markup code and the executable javascript code from the server, after that the client’s interaction with the server is minimized and, as a rule, limited to receiving the data in the JSON format.

There are two types of SPA applications: an application that contains the content of several pages in one page, and an application that uses Ajax-downloading when the user clicks on the link. Thus, only that part of the content that changes is updated on the page, and the rest of the page remains unchanged.

They provide the business with many advantages by decreasing the cost of website design, web application creation, and hosting. Such sites are profitable to companies because they provide an impressive boost in conversion.

There are a lot of examples of applications built using the SPA principles. One of the most powerful and well-known SPAs is GMail – the mail service of Google.

5. JavaScript

Javascript may be considered both as the latest and future trend. The survey on StackOverflow that involved 64,000 developers shows that JS is in the first place among the most popular technologies. Moreover, it has been the most commonly used programming language for 6 years in a row.

Web developers actively use JS for designing, making animation and creating web pages. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript can make the web page interactive and more interesting for users. JavaScript does not limit itself. Instead, it continues to evolve. One of the JS advantages is an ability to develop frontend as well as backend and applications for different operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

Javascript libraries increase their flexibility and convenience, giving more opportunities for developers. The struggle between Angular and React will continue in 2018. There are many admirers of Angular, however, React’s fans dont stay aside. Google Trends shows that Angular is a bit more popular than React, but it strengthens its positions.


These are our top 5 development industry trends in 2018. Of course, this list is rather subjective. Share this article with your friends and colleagues to know their opinion. Also feel free to write us and let us know what is your favourite web development trend in 2018 and what you think will be relevant and will be forgotten in 2019.

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