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What can surprise us with the web development industry in 2018?
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The field of technologies is a wonderful place with constant changes. And there are many developers, so there is no doubt that those who want to earn, are forced to monitor the level of their qualifications. To stay in the first positions and be in demand as a specialist, one must constantly develop.

This is actually a difficult task, as the innovations in the field of updates and developments appear every couple of weeks. However, we decided to help you a little. Specialists predicted some trends in the development of this area in 2018. We collected this information, and also compiled a list of tips to help you focus on specific areas.

Artificial intelligence as a web developer

Such giants as Google or Wikipedia have long been using the services of artificial intelligence programs with great success. The advantage of this trend is that due to such programs the volume of the employed labor is reduced. This significantly saves the actively used budget of investors, who are not always happy to add an extra penny. And, besides, is this not in our competence?

More and more developers are moving into this area, because such programs are able to expand the available technology capabilities.
The direction of the activity of artificial intelligence can be very different. Perhaps the most common at the moment is web design. A clear example of this is the artificial intelligence named Molly from the company The Grid, helping in the process of creating new sites for those who do not understand this yet.
The main motto of the company is “you create content, and Molly does the rest!”.

In addition, if you install an AI designer on your computer this will greatly help you save on layouts of all kinds.

Evolutionary processes in JavaScript

The field of web development generates a lot of discussions around what programming language is worth using, whether to learn new one and if so, what exactly. If to talk about it, there is no big problem here, it all depends on the tasks assigned. In any case, we would like to tell you about what can you expect during this year.

Let’s start with the sensational JavaScript. The relevance of this area remains to be seen, but this is probably one of the most popular among the technologies used. Please note that studying JavaScript will be a serious problem this year. Therefore, before making this decision, it is worthwhile to study the issue and weigh the pros and cons. Moreover, there are some online courses that can help you learn JavaScript and start working with it.

During last year, everyone with open mouths watched through the development of TypeScript. This is a typed language that JavaScript can compile. Based on this, you can use the existing JS code to call the TS code. Convenient, right?

Internet of things

What does this incomprehensible expression mean? Many explain it like this: the Internet is gradually moving around. It no longer focuses on mobile devices or personal computers. Now he’s in household appliances…

But this is not another horror stories that children are told. The essence of the idea is that a person can control all aspects of his life through special chat rooms or applications via his mobile devices.
Say hello to Mark Zuckerberg! Thanks to his development called Internet of Things, which he performed on the basis of AI, people can remotely turn on and off the heating, indicate the time of switching on the bulbs so that they create an atmosphere of coziness, when we return home from work, turn on the kettle, so long as we get home the water for the tea was already ready and so on.

Mark has managed to create his own “robot”, which performs all the described work on the house, such as the management of electrical devices (for example, a toaster, coffee machine or stove) or home systems, including doors, electricity and a thermostat. The whole project was named Jarvis, and he manages it with the help of bot-chat and iOS Voice application.

No matter how users use it in the future, it is obvious that the Internet expands the boundaries. Here it’s important to remember something else: hackers do not sleep and watch it, so if any of you decide to join Mark this year – make sure that your level of security is high enough.

Website Generators

Statistical site generators is a very simple and simply necessary thing for those who want to occupy their niche in the field of development. The advantages of these programs are undeniable: there is no need to create a database, each of the pages of your site is a small simple file that can be easily launched from any server. Accordingly, the site will load faster, security will be higher, and deployment – easier. And all that is easier with time becomes more popular than well-known developers.

Creating bots and implementing a dialog

It’s no secret that people began to create bots to simplify our lives and personalize the impressions of cooperation. But the bots are interesting for many reasons. In particular, it can be used in virtually any area of ​​life.

In 2016, Chris Messina made a guess, calling that year “the year of conversational commerce.” To this was carried out the prevalence of different platforms, the main purpose of which is the exchange of messages. This encourages developers and designers to think about how to keep up with their pace of development.
On this basis, it is not surprising that developers can engage in the development and design of dialog interfaces for different products.

There are several options for using bot technologies. We will consider only a couple of them.

The interface for communicating with users on websites

In relation to sites, there is a tendency to communicate. People want to communicate, so the first sites that have begun to implement this technology are now gaining popularity. It is important only to monitor the quality work of your bots, and, if necessary, make adjustments based on those conversations that have already been made.

Chatbots as customer support

The number of companies that have resorted to this technology is gradually increasing. Mailing by e-mail has long been not relevant, and many hope that soon it will disappear altogether.
At the same time, there are bots, ready to solve the problems of users. And it is not surprising, because they are useful wherever they appear. Therefore, they can be placed in the product itself or on your website.
The list of tasks that bots can perform is constantly expanding, but they can already:

  • Stimulate sales.
  • Solve the problems of customers.
  • Provide the necessary assistance.

They have made life easier for many developers, because they perform simple tasks that previously did live people. It frees time and does not exhaust.

Traffic User Interface

Two-dimensional boring pages are a thing of the past, since there is now a new version of Motion UI. Its templates are so flexible that they perfectly match any type of JavaScript library. In addition, CSS now integrates animation into sites seamlessly.
The task of any developer in this case is to create a live site that reacts to each individual user in different ways. Thus, the flow of visitors to the site will never stop.

However, the direction of development of different types of user interface in 2018 is very different, from what we can rejoice.

The new development stage of React JS

The tool was first released in 2014 and is currently a new redesigned JavaScript look. The manufacturer promises to release regular updates to this platform every time, so you can say for sure that the capabilities of this tool will really make developers at the forefront in the development of sites.

It’s worth recalling that this platform is most often used by those developers who appreciate the ability to easily work with complex or even non-standard kinds of files, from video to animation.


As you can see, 2018 will be full of surprises. Yet all the developments this year will focus on improvements in the areas of UX and UI. Updates will reach not only the Internet and mobile devices but also to home appliances or electronics. All these changes are aimed at improving our lives.
A direct responsibility and sacred duty of each developer is to help to minimize the implementation of changes and reduce stress smoothly. Contribute, help to make updates practical and convenient. We wish you success in this and creative inspiration!

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