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What can the “smart house” system do?
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“Back to the Future”, “The Fifth Element”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”. What do these three films have in common? Each of them is the embodiment of the human dream of a high-tech future. Unfortunately, space traveling is still not very common, cars still do not fly, and backpacks didn’t not become reactive. Despite this, technologies are increasingly being introduced into our lives. A vivid example is the technology of a smart home, which gradually embodies fantastic dreams into reality.

You control everything that concerns your home. What would you like to set up first: climate control, security system or electrical appliances? Because the system is fully automated, you can manage important processes both centrally and remotely. Here are a few ways to exercise control over a smart house:

  • Voice commands.
  • Manual adjustment on touch screens or panels.
  • SMS.

Using one of these methods, you can turn on or off the light, change the temperature, water the lawn and change the alarm settings. True, this is not yet a complete list of the possibilities of an intelligent system with noise recognition.

What can a smart house do?

  • Control electrical appliances, curtains (shutters, blinds) and the degree of illumination.
  • Maintain communication with the owner through the Internet, mobile device, control panel and sensors to meet his needs and desires (filling the pool, turning on sewerage, heated floors, etc).
  • Care for the health of the owner and family by maintaining comfortable climate conditions within the home.
  • Increase of energy efficiency indicators and, accordingly, reduction of expenses for servicing the residential complex.
  • Immediate response to emergency situations due to the function of dangerous recognition, informing the owner as far as sending recommendations for further action and a detailed report on the automatically taken measures: inclusion of fire alarm,shutdown of water in case of leakage, gas shut-off when a leak is detected, alarm activation.
  • Support the operation of CCTV cameras while the owner is not at home, automatically record and broadcast audio triggers in real time.
  • Include a home theater or other type of audio system when you are tired and want to relax. Also there is an option of installing a multiroom multimedia system that distributes video and audio signals from the installation site to all rooms inside house or apartment.
  • Friendlily plow when you come home, meet you in a pleasant voice, predict the weather conditions, if your “smart house” system has a home weather station.
  • Water the lawn and plants in the winter garden, taking into account weather conditions, soil conditions, time of day and other parameters set by you.
  • Work as you like, and perform all the specified functions.

Noisam sensor

Noisam sensor – is the part of an audio security system made for your comfort and peace. It helps to stay in touch with an indoor situation via different messengers and audio recognition. This tool is special. If you want, you can read more about it on our website.

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