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What’s important in corporate site?
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Any person holding a managerial position in the company should be aware of the need to attract new customers to his business. In addition to many obvious duties, he also needs to serve his customers qualitatively. More often than not, the first thing that potential users are paying attention to is your Internet resource. The creation of a presentable site is part of the image of a particular enterprise, as important as a clean and friendly office or friendly staff.
What should be the ideal website?

You should be aware that based on statistics for 2016, people are more likely to go to websites from mobile phones than from stationary computers, spending the most traffic that way. This means that if you have a web page, but it is not adapted for mobile devices, you lose a lot of potential customers beforehand.

The average computer is able to download a site of good quality in 1-2 seconds. And it’s not just about convenience, this requirement is included in the list of mandatory conditions for search engines, such as Yandex and Google. The download speed of each page of the site depends on the competent programming and content filling.

The list of the main distinctive qualities of a good site includes an indicator showing how quickly the user can find the necessary elements. As a rule, the best is the intuitive orientation. This is possible in the case of a competent combination of programming and design, developed after the study of usability.
What includes the creation of a corporate site?
Development and approval of a preliminary version of the prototype of your future site.
Creating an aesthetic design.
Creation of blocks of pages and a site for sites – layout.
Work on programming (scripts and addition of necessary resources).
Filling pages with unique content.
Customer training and compliance testing.
So, web development websites – a difficult thing, but very effective, if you turn to the specialists.

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