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Have you ever thought about creating a website for your own successful use in the field of commerce?
Do you understand what WordPress is and how can you work with it?

If you answered to all these questions affirmatively, then the situation for you is a little more simple than for the others, at least because you more clearly understand your topic.
WordPress is not only a type of CMS, which is free and comfortable.
To those who have already had the experience to be convinced of the awesomeness of this online platform, no need to tell about its advantages. From the very beginning of its use, it is clear that this platform is as simple as possible for creating a Web site on WP standards. There is no need for complex training and becomes a professional in coding – the program simplified the task as much as possible.

Nobody thought that the results of using this platform would be so astounding. At that time, WordPress was supposed to help conduct online blogs, based on HTML. Since blogs at that time were one of the most relevant topics for users, so the excitement quickly gathered admirers around the new platform. This case remains successful so far. Why?
Users appreciate it for its openness, constant improvements, and convenience. Over time, the advantages of the platform added simplicity and versatility of use, which was achieved through the introduction of new plug-ins. The other side is headed by investors and developers who expand the system and add new opportunities to it. All of them are in close connection with each other. The more users – the more new opportunities for developers. The results of their work also attract new users and so on and so forth.
WordPress is really an ideal tool for creating websites. There are several reasons for this:
It is completely free.
With it, you can find where the plug-ins are for implementing any idea.
A huge selection of themes in the premium section.
A specially designed theme will not cost too much.
Specialized modules, placed on the site, are extremely reliable and effective.
The system is so popular that you will certainly find a solution to any possible problem on the network.
WordPress can customize the elements of any system.

ECommerce options for working with WordPress
To conduct commercial relations online is not so easy, so it’s important to choose the right tool for interacting with WordPress. There are two best solutions to this problem, and the specific choice depends on your specific circumstances.
The first option: Shopify

This option is the most popular for conducting commercial relations online through WordPress – this is Shopify. This tool is very beneficial in terms of money because the content of the online store will cost you the amount of 9 to 299 dollars per month. Nevertheless, taking into the account access, but aesthetic and convenient options, Shopify is an ideal solution for medium-sized businesses. The number of online stores using this plug-in has long exceeded 400,000 and this is not surprising. Representatives of business at any level will be pleased to learn that there is an opportunity to use the free plug-in for the first two weeks.
The obvious advantages of Shopify
An easy way to interact with WordPress.
Active 24×7 support model.
High-security level.
Choice of hundreds of options.
Integration with social networks Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook Messenger Support.
Several options for payment of services.
A simple way of delivery and customization.
The second option: WooCommerce

In the case of serious limitations of the monetary budget or a great desire to try something new, your option is WooCommerce. It fits perfectly with the WordPress platform and is just slightly less popular than the first instrument. It’s quite simple to set up, it’s completely free, and WordPress supports it on an official level.

WooCommerce benefits
No need for payment.
Easy to learn and use. The first products will appear on your site already during the first minutes of activation.
Huge support for users, which completely compensates the lack of official support from developers.
Large selection of both paid and free themes.
Help and support from the WordPress team at the official level.
The ability to expand the range of functions through the introduction of additional plug-ins.
Ability to choose the appropriate range of services and domain name.

There are many sites for registering domain names on the Internet. Among the main of them Namecheap, Name or Godaddy are mentioned. You are free to choose any one that suits your desires and needs.
Many online services will also offer you a list of additional services. The choice of a domain name can be related to the type of your activity, brand, name or surname. In any case, it should accurately describe your company.

Other criteria for choosing services can be a partnership with WordPress to avoid unresolved problems about the occurrence of downtime or incompatibility of program codes, their scripts or plug-ins.
In addition, it is important to consider the availability of round-the-clock one hundred percent support and the ability to maintain traffic at approximately the same level in the course of the first few months.

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