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SpdLoad is a team of skilled developers. Our story began in year 2013 with 2 employees. We started with Online Business Card sites on WordPress and simple online shops on OpenCart. An important event was an order for visualization tool with customized purchase option and two calculator types. The project stimulated us to a profound study of HTML5 and JavaScript. During this project our team expanded to 4 developers and we entered a higher level of customized online shops development and UX/UI design. At the beginning of the year 2014 all our country witnessed a huge currency crisis, the paying capacity of all the population tumbled down, so we decided to enter the western market. In that time the niche of HTML layout and design was the most attractive for us.
Thus the question of considerable improvement of staff arose. A designer with 11-year experience in the area of UX/UI became one of our most valued acquisitions. We have executed such complex tasks as design of social networks, mobile application interface design as well as customized dashboards.

The next serious professional we hired was a PHP developer with a 10-year experience and profound understanding of OOP, MVC, ModX. This is how we managed to cover projects in e-commerce and web-portals developing.

In the summer of 2015 several significant events happened, when we found customers interested in outsourcing. They were a company from sunny Israel and a client from the USA. We have also been closely operating with Lithuanian partners.
Currently the ratio of projects of western origin makes up 60%, the other 40% are orders from Ukrainian customers. We aim to totally switch over to cooperation with western partners in such direction as e-commerce, UX/UI design and prototyping, web-portals, HTML layout.
At the moment our team consists of a CEO, Project Manager, 2 UX/UI developers, 2 CMS developers, 2 front-end developers, 2 php backend developers, QA.

We have no shortage of high-quality skilled staff, but we want and are ready to grow. We plan to enlarge our staff by 50%. We have achieved a lot and overcome many challenges and we know there are many ahead, we gladly invite you to accompany us on our way.

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