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Why Do SaaS Startups Need to Hire a Web Crawler Expert in 2022? 

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If you have made time to look at top-performing businesses today, you will realize that they all have a robust search engine process. It is the main reason high-performing businesses go on and on about software as a service. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it takes an arm and a leg to not only implement but succeed after implementing the SAAS SEO.

If you are a startup business wondering what strategies you need to incorporate into your SAAS SEO, it is good you know that there are no rules cast in stone that you must follow. All you need to do is implement search engine optimization strategies that have been proven to work for performing organizations.

It may not feel easy initially, but you must have a goal and believe that your search engine strategies will outdo those already existing on Google search.

What Is SaaS SEO?

If you have a SaaS website and seek to increase your organic traffic, seek to implement search engine strategies that will keep you top-ranked on Google SERPs. You can use various elements to implement while increasing your website traffic, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

If you combine these techniques and are fortunate enough to succeed, you can rest assured that your startup will gain quick recognition and get a top ranking on Google during relevant searches.

Why Should You Invest in SaaS SEO as a Startup Business?

It cannot be stressed enough how important SaaS SEO is relevant for your business. If you use the right SEO strategies, you can surely beat your competitors in the market. Here is why you, as a SAAS startup, need to invest in a strong SEO strategy.

1. SEO Will Spread a Good Word about Your SaaS Business

Building an exceptional product that you are sure will wow any customer who comes across is good. But what happens if no one has a word about this unique product you are only praising while at your organization? There are specific SaaS SEO strategies you can leverage to help you spread the word about this product like a bushfire.

If you do it right, you can get a top ranking at Google, which eventually translates to potential customers flowing into your website, wanting to know more about your product. If the product works for people who flow into your website, your SaaS SEO will certainly complement word of mouth.

2. More Traffic Flows into Your Website

If you are looking for successful SaaS growth for your business, SEO should continually ring in your head. It is one proven, predictable approach most successful businesses use for growth. Many people looking for a product, particularly SaaS products, that can work for their business will look up these products on Google.

As expected, the companies ranked at the top will be the customer go-to companies. If you are looking for this kind of growth, you need assistance, and your essential helper is the use of SEO. 31.7 % of most clicks go to the top-rated organizations on Google, translating to massive traffic to your website. It would be best if you considered SaaS SEO for top ranking.

While SEO will not only drive websites to your traffic, it also gives you an estimate of how much traffic you can expect, helping you know just how much more you will need to use SaaS SEO to give your business a better Google ranking.

3. You Have the Edge over Your Most Significant Competitors

One thing that successful businesses have struggled with is competition. Your business will lag without the right strategies, incurring loss after loss. People tend to trust businesses that appear at the top of Google searches.

According to them, these organizations offer quality over quantity, and there is no way they can go wrong with them. That is indeed a competition, and most companies compete for the high ranks.

As a SaaS startup, you need SaaS SEO to beat your most significant competition. You must invest in inbound marketing to succeed and get on top of your competitors. Inbound marketing is attracting potential customers, those who have created an interest in wanting your product but made no further move to acquire it.

You can use content marketing or search engine optimization to onboard them completely. A slight delay in implementing these strategies will have your competitors take your potential customers.

One important tip that will help you beat your competitor is to unravel that single SEO strategy working for them and see how best it could work in your favor as a SaaS startup.

4. More People Will Subscribe to Your Software

If you implement content marketing as part of your SEO strategy, you will likely convert your potential customers into onboarded ones. Customers are always looking for software solutions that they believe will offer solutions and scale their businesses higher. You may have that solution customers are looking for, but what good is it if the customers cannot find it?

Proper use of SaaS SEO will go a long way in ensuring that these potential customers find you

As initially mentioned, customers are always looking for businesses with a higher ranking on the search engine. They believe that these are the solutions to their business problems. If you are ranked high on Google SERPs, you can be confident that the number of customers who will reach out to you about your solution will be tremendous.

5. There Is a Reduced Dependency on Paid Advertisement.

Paid advertisements are a great way to start, especially as a SaaS startup business. They form a grounding and a place for you to get into the competitive world. However, it is essential to move from these paid advertisements to a more solid solution for your business, and SEO is the answer for you.

Paid advertisements stop working for your business the very moment you stop spending. SEO will actively continue to send customers to your traffic even after you have stopped optimizing. As long as SEO gives you a chance for a top ranking on Google, it will continue to work for your business in the long run.

SEO offers a clear pattern for the growth of your business. As more customers continue to flow to your website, you will realize a decline in how much you spend to bring customers to your website.

How Will a Web Crawler Help Your SaaS Startup Grow in 2022?

Though not known by many startup businesses what is a web crawler? It plays a significant role in giving you a grounding when it comes to SEO rankings. If you are struggling with readability and reachability, you need the expertise of a web crawler.

Their advantage is how fast they help you reach the top of SERPs, making potential customers easily reach. The difference between a web crawler and SEO is the factors that SEO constantly puts in place, which takes time before you can get a better ranking on Google.

A few things a web crawler will do for your SaaS startup that will be highly beneficial include:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Your website needs both reachability and readability for more traffic to flow. Web crawlers enhance readability and reachability by ensuring that any updates you incorporate to your SEO are constantly appearing on your search. The more you appear on the search, the more bonds you create with your website users, working well for your SaaS startup.

2. E-Commerce Benefit

Web crawlers benefit from getting information such as products or services your competitors are constantly using to their advantage. While this is not very recommended, web crawlers also help you scrape the presence of your competitor’s social media channels allowing visibility of your channels only, which results in customers flowing more to your website and channels.

3. Effective Data Management

If you must copy and paste essential data from the internet to your website, it can get quite exhausting. Web crawlers help to reduce this hassle. They give you the freedom to choose what data you feel will better work for your SaaS startup. In addition to this, you have the chance to store all the data you consider essential for your business in a cloud database that runs daily.

With web crawlers, you no longer have to worry about how you will store all your data. They have automatic programs or tools on which you can store all essential data. With this availability, all the time is initially spent on copying and pasting, and you can use the data to focus on other creative ways to bring growth to your business.

Other essential things that web crawlers do for your business that help accelerate growth include;

  • Lead generation
  • Price optimization
  • Investment decision
  • Product optimization


If a person tries to reach your website and finds a challenge, it translates to poor ranking on search engines. If readability is also a challenge for people who visit your website, you also get poorly ranked as no one would want to visit your website a second time with these challenges.

A web crawler can review your website and offer better rankings to drive potential customers to your website.

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