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Why was the technology “smart house” created?
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Clearly, a simple answer to this question is to make people’s lives easier. But what are the advantages of using this technology? Let’s take a closer look at the pros of this system type.


Typically, the smart house system is controlled by touch panels and common gadgets. It’s easy, because everyone drags them around, so the system control is quite mobile.

The most important and frequently used systems are:

  • Light.
  • Inner climate.
  • Security.
  • TV.
  • Audiosystems.

Designers sometimes spend a lot of time developing an understandable graphical user interface for the touch menu. In a smart house, unlike a standard house, everything is managed from one facility, which is very convenient.

True, there are some functions that we do not use so often. They are placed on touch panels and in additional menus. We are talking about clogs of all sorts of filters and service functions of engineering equipment. And since the system also has a built-in option of dangerous recognition, the user will be notified as soon as something extraordinary happens.

However, the usual operating mode of the system includes an active menu with the most frequently used functions. In that way your smart home takes care of your comfort even in the management process.


Another advantage of the smart home system is the possibility of applying scripts. It is about the simultaneous playback of several functions. There is a possibility of switching from the usual control method to the scripted one using a single command. The smart home system software allows you to widely apply computer scripts, lighting and audio security system.


All smart house systems are simple and understandable in management. Usually, to regulate the operation of audio and video, a separate system is designed. Thus, all equipment is combined into one complex, and its content is distributed to different rooms. The information received from the disks is in the cloud storage on the server. It can be broadcast in any convenient zone.

The screen will show you the CD covers, as if they were on your shelf. Search for movies, music and photos in the system is very convenient. You can use any of the informative filters: director, title, year of issue, etc.

Peace and security

The Noisam system developed by us is guaranteed to provide you with a sense of peace and security in your own home. The installed sensor is configured for noise recognition of any type. It responds to noise other than the one set in the settings. Also, Noisam is able to recognize the nature of sound (scream, shot, alert sounds and so on). The system will record what is happening and will report it to you and, if necessary, to the relevant service representatives.

In this way, you will always be aware of what is happening in your home, because Noisam can be connected to any type of messenger for you to stay in touch of what is happening. If you are not calm – you can always check the situation via the installed cameras, broadcasting an image to your phone or tablet.

In case of unauthorized penetration or fire, you will be notified by the security-fire alarm system. Additionally, a smart house to check and report on what is happening near your front door. All the data from each part of the system is output to the touch panels, which makes your cooperation with the smart house simple and understandable for any person.

Inventory control

Few people still argue with the fact that the smart house system saves energy. It will set up a heating system for you, so you will avoid unnecessary costs. At the same time, you will have an ideal microclimate at your home without the extremes of the temperature regime. Tenants can set timers for the work of warm floors. Also under the control there will be also the electric power: the command “to switch off all” will disconnect all light sources. Moreover, the owner knows in advance about possible blockages or other extraordinary situations. So a smart house will extend the life of engineering equipment. Also, the owner will be notified with an audio trigger about all kinds of leaks and fires.


With close examination it becomes clear: the smart home system saves the most important resource for everyone. Which one? Time! Thanks to the features described above, the systems allow users to get rid of the constant routine work and do something more important.

That is why the smart home system is a separate niche of interaction with premises, this is another way of life. “Smart House” systems benefit people who care about comfort for themselves and their loved ones and prefer to use in their present technology of the future.

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