Why do I need business analysis?

You as a client should understand that business analysis is the first and one of the most important steps in developing a new product. Under this concept, we mean a set of instructions and reports.

Do you want to get the product 100% meeting your expectations?

We have deep business expertise and niche knowledge, but we cannot fully predict the business logic you have planned. Our working principle is 100% customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we need to develop instructions. This usually includes:

  • Technical task
  • User Stories
  • Test cases

The second important aspect is the set of reports. If you spend only 10% of the planned budget and then realize that the product should be given up, instead of spending 100% straight away, will it be profitable for you?

This is the key goal of the analysis – to save your money. We analyze:

  • Competitors in related/similar solutions
  • Your USP
  • Values of your solution
  • Buyer’s willingness to buy your product

This document will also help you get an extra investment in your product since investors will see the level of study and the depth of your knowledge in the domain.

We take seriously the development of each product, as it affects our reputation and increases our expertise in your eyes. We dive into the client’s environment and study in detail all the features of the market.

If you are interested in working with our company and want to join the list of satisfied customers, please contact us.