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Chat Widget for e-Commerce

Connexzion is a chat solution to significantly boost conversion rates of your e-commerce

End-to-end analytics | Messengers integration
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Music Prediction App

Noticesound is an AI solution to predict how successful user's music would become.

AI algorithm | Music streaming
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AI Startup Prediction Platform

Incumato is an AI-based service for investors to evaluate viability of startups. Use 2-click integration on your site to evaluate success rate of startups.

AI evaluation | Widget integration
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Medical Appointments App

MedCabinet is a medical appointment app. It helps to schedule a visit to doctor in two clicks and avoid long-run queues.

Advanced calendar | Tech stack update
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Live Video Streaming App for Security Cameras

VideoNext is a famous desktop product for video streaming in security niche. Our team helped to create both web and mobile apps.

Custom Backend Integrations | Frontend Challenges
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Fitness Platform

GetReinvented is an online fitness platform, with deep gamified experience, video on-demand and complex marketing automation.

Video On-Demand | Advanced UX
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