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Gal Or X-Ray is a complex CRM system for a small size network of dental hospitals.

Our custom solution helps to rapidly scale business, cut operational costs, and improve the quality of services.

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Initial request

The customer is the owner of a small network of 3 dental clinics. He was looking for a reliable technical partner to develop a custom CRM.

The reason is the constantly increasing paperwork, X-Ray images, and operational costs. Documentation management was unscalable and unproductive. Thus, the founder decides to solve this pain with a digital solution.

Project key factors

  • Customer

    A single founder, without technical partner
  • Stage

    A product from scratch
  • Location

  • Product

    Web platform on 3 roles: patient, doctor and administrator

Problems to solve:

  • The exponential growth of costs on storage and support of images.
  • Limited access to images. It leads to delays in the process of treatment during the appointment.
  • Loss of X-Ray images older than 6 months. As a result, up to 5% of patients have to reshoot on X-Ray.

Project workflow


At this stage, we analysed the customer and existing business processes.

It helps us to create a value-centered system and show Return of Investments for stakeholders.

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  • Key problems we found:

    • Outdated storage system for documents and X-Ray shots
    • Lack of a scheduling and notification system
    • Lack of a rapid communication between hospitals
    • Lack of motivation system for doctors
  • Key deliveries:

    • Audit of business processes and identifying points to optimize
    • Prepared a presentation with key insights
    • Project blueprint with a detailed estimation and milestones
    • A detailed plan to implement a system in 3 hospitals
  • Key outcome:

    Discovery stage helps us collect crucial requirements and build a user journey. We decided on the core features and were able to share our insights with stakeholders to get a reasonable development budget.

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At this stage, we developed the platform according to planned sprints.

Key delivery:

  • An advanced system of collecting 3D X-Ray images and scalable cloud storage
  • A custom administration panel to track the core KPI and analyze sales funnels. Including the layout of a doctor, a hospital and a network
  • A custom scheduling tool to book appointments with a doctor
  • Right-to-Left design implementation


  • Frontend - React

  • Backend - Laravel

Project scope of work and team

Summary - 8 months
  • Audit and research  (2 weeks)

  • Project documentation (2 weeks)

  • Development researches (1 weeks)

  • Development of the solution architecture (1 week)

  • Development of the interface (6 weeks)

  • Implementing solution on servers, 3rd party integrations (12 weeks)

  • Implementation of CRM (1 week for a quarter during a year)

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 HTML Coder
  • 1 Backend Developer
  • 2 Frontend Developers
  • 1 QA Tester
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