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MedCabinet is a hospital scheduling software.

There are no more long-run queues, improperly booked visit time, or canceled last-minute receptions.

Initial request

The customer was looking for an experienced team to scale the existing platform with a mobile app. On the startup-side were own developers, who worked with outdated tech stack.

Project goals

  • Rethink the project workflow - we had to join the existing team and build a synchronized and effective project flow.
  • Update the development tech stack. We aimed to scale the product. Thus, we prepared the comparison of available tech solutions that would make a perfect fit for business goals.
iPhone 11 Pro

Project key factors

  • Customer from Ukraine
  • Startup from scratch
  • The customer provides us with complex and clear tech requirements

Project scope of work

8 months

mobile development

Project challenges

  • Migrate the project to the modern tech stack
  • Integrate existing backend to a new mobile app
  • Work with hospitals' big data to implement in-app

The main solution

The customer worked with its own custom CRM system based on C++. We created the smoothness integration of our new mobile app in the existing code of CRM. To do so, we had to overcome issues with the database, data usage, integrations viability. As a result, the app works perfectly as a part of CRM.

iPhone 11 Pro


  • React Native
  • Redux


We have built a stable application that fits seamlessly into existing customer processes. Neither up-to-date code nor a complex data architecture interfered with the development process of this mobile application.

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