High-frequency of queries

High load web services may be based on different technologies. However, the key point is that owners of big online stores are needed them anyway. The more popular a service becomes the more visitors or even customers it receives. For proper reliable work of a website, implementing of high load technologies is required.

High load web services

SpdLoad’s high-load solutions and experience in the construction of high-level database architectures will help you to solve all the problems related to the wrong balance or a slow speed of the inquiry processing on a client-side of your website. Our services cover customer’s requirements in e-commerce and spheres, where a problem of the big amount of queries per particular period exists. We are capable of creating systems with load ability up to 1 million users per day and fast response ability.

High load apps

Developing high load systems and apps by our team usually takes the same time that would be spent on the project without a high-load database. In the process, our developers use different databases. We use MS SQL and PostgreSQL. Nevertheless, a site performance depends on the code quality and frameworks that are used. SpdLoad team uses Laravel for PHP what also boost a performance in the future work including integration of support processes like payment systems, email sendings, shipping systems.

We also do optimization for high load resources in perspective. We learn how a website is built and decide what could be changed in order to increase site queries’ performance. If your market or trade system has more than 100 queries per second and queries come from different countries, we will solve your problem.

If you would like to receive a high-performance website that caters your needs, you can ask SpdLoad, which can be your high load expert and together with you increase your online store’s reliability and speed.

High load in e-commerce

As the world becomes unified things as communication and trading become available for more people. There are no borders for customers from that moment. High load in e-commerce is an obligatory feature. Worldwide shipping and the Internet allows customers to reach websites from anywhere. Could you just imagine how many queries may usual online store receive each day?

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