Audio recognition software

Audio Recognition

Technologies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasingly integrating into our lives. It's no secret that they have long been used in advertising, in the automotive industry and other areas of our everyday life. ML technologies are very actively used in work with audio. Goals where it can be used are very different:
Voice control of the car;
Security Systems;
Noise Level Detection;
Sphere of entertainment.
These can be listed for hours and hours, the idea will remain the same. Audio recognition has become an integral part of life for almost everyone.

What we offer

SpdLoad will help in your IoT or ML projects where sound is involved. Our engineers have extensive experience in processing sound waves, locating audio patеerns, determining the noise level, finding the object by echo. The average working experience of our specialists is 16 years, in particular, part of the staff has experience in the military sector, where the best mathematicians are known.
In addition to in-house staff, we have a well-established network with the country's technological universities and enterprises where we have access to a large number of specialists.
For all of the above cases, we provide software development services, but can also help in microcontrollers programming or embedded development.
In order to start working on your project, we need to get from you such data:
idea Description;
examples of audio files - date set;
expected software accuracy.
The fundamental factor is that we are not just ordinary data sciences, but our team consists of high-grade engineers with a degree of phd in mathematics and physics.

Our services

We provide both advice on audio recognition, and we can provide dedicated ML team to work on your project. Any task is accompanied by project management and testing. You can not worry about the quality and timing of the delivered product. Everything will be done on time and according to modern standards.
SpdLoad helps both start-ups, whose entire project is based on audio recognition, and large companies in which this technology solves any of the tasks.
If you want to get acquainted with the resume of our specialists in machine learning, or you have a request for a recognition system, write to us at

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