Computer vision system

Computer vision software has recently become an integral part of our lives. In shops, airports, parking lots - smart cameras are everywhere. In general, the market of intellectual systems is growing every year and its rate is only increasing. Of course, computer vision applications are just one of the components of an ecosystem.

Existing types of computer vision software

Globally computer vision, there is a division into recognition systems and detection systems. Both can be used in both the commercial and security sectors. The usefulness of these applications is that they significantly reduce the cost of the business. Using the example of one of the systems developed by SpdLoad, we will show you the advantage of this service.

Imagine that you have a warehouse with goods where many people work. In order to ensure that nothing is stolen, you need cameras all over the territory, personnel to sit by the cameras and large storages of recorded information.

But with the help of SpdLoad and computer vision software you can simplify all this. Namely:

-    develop applications for motion detection that would determine activity interior;

-    connect products to it for recognition;

-    train the program to determine theft;

-    write a number of procedures that send notification and start recording a video stream in such situations.

Thus, you will be notified of an emergency event in the store and this piece of the video will be recorded. You no longer need people at the monitor, since you will be notified by the program and do not need huge repositories, since only a segment of 5-10 minutes will be recorded instead of 24 hours.

Our expertise

If you contact SpdLoad with this request, you can be sure that you get quality service for reasonable money. All of our researchers have a Phd degree in mathematics. We will never start working without a research stage on which we will determine whether your task can be implemented and what the required budget is.

On the example of our major computer vision software, we will show you the advantages of working with us. In 2016, we received an order from one of the investment funds to develop a video enhancement application. The task was to improve image quality in streaming chanel in bad weather conditions. Areas of application:

-    autonomous vehicles;

-    outdoor surveillance cameras.

This project has never been implemented before, in the way that it could be used in streaming movie using conventional computing power. The client received:

-    a team of 7 employees was gathered within 3 months;

-    the client acquire 1 doctor of science, 4 candidates of sciences and 2 engineers;

-    the price of the project is 3 times cheaper than in the US;

-    the product was implemented 2 times faster due to the already available pre-existing works of team members.

If you want to get the same benefits - contact us.

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