Scientific research and development services

To hire a research analyst today could be a complicated task because many people qualified in programming and mathematics area are already working for governmental institutions. Their responsibilities and knowledge may be restricted. Therefore, SpdLoad company offers our clients a research consultant service.

Consulting and Scientific research

Research consulting is an important solution. Technological sphere grows fast. Almost each day new business ideas or even startups in the high-tech appear. However, any business cannot be set up without previous research. Moreover, if we talk about high-tech we should say scientific investigation consulting is obligatory.

SpdLoad team provides you with scientific analysis and development services. The company has its own highly experienced scientists who have their degrees in Computer Science, math, physics and other scientific areas. Our scientists are skilled in statistical analysis, time series, wavelet analysis. They are capable of playing a role of advisor for the client or execute scientific investigation, besides, consulting research and scientific activity, which helps our collective to maintain a high-tech startup, in addition, to main SpdLoad.

Conservation science research & consulting can be delivered by our researchers too. The team includes 4 scientists whose main responsibilities are developing interim and out rim projects, which are based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies. Each of them is a doctor of science in different areas: physics, math, what helps them to imply this knowledge into programming complicated automated systems.

Regarding on clients request, which sounds like “Scientific research development” we can say that SpdLoad’s team of scientists make the same thing that average customer needs. Delivery of complex programming systems based on different data science areas could contribute to social science and investigation consultants can work both as programmers and advisors.

Besides, SpdLoad company offers outstaffing solutions that mean our scientific advisor is able to work as your intersource consulting specialist without any control from our side. Our company is always ready to participate in the development of clients’ projects and help them to grow as well as promote their services. 

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