Development medical software

Applications based on artificial intelligence - the so-called smart programs every day fill more and more parts of our lives. You can see them everywhere: in the parking lot, in the store, in the hospital, at the train station and even in your pocket. Healthcare it consulting - one of the areas we are engaged in.

Healthcare it consulting

Healthcare it consulting services is a general concept and can include such components as:

-    scientific component;

-    business component.

Various firms offer these services, some of them only a scientific research, others offer consulting in the field of implementation. SdpLoad provides a full range of healthcare it consulting services. We will help you with the following issues:

  1. Analysis of competitors - what disadvantages of competitors should be taken into account in the development of your product and whether it is worth at all.
  2. Scientific research services - when you have an idea, but it is difficult to understand whether it is implemented and how it is described in the scientific literature. We will draw the right conclusions from a huge number of articles and books.
  3. Development of a prototype - we will show how the product can look and how can be used. This will help you get the first financing.
  4. The development of a complete system from the server part to the training of the neural network.
  5. Consulting on the implementation of intelligent systems in your business processes, justification of economic benefits.
Our experience in healthcare it consulting

Our scientists have implemented a number of complex projects at various times, including DNA recognition system, system development based on holifer methods for identifying cardiac pathologies, recognition and improvement of medical imaging quality, introduction of a smart doctor system at the regional level, automation of a network of clinics in Israel.

  1. Recognition of DNA - the complexity of the problem was in obsolete equipment. We carried out a large complex of works, among them
  • noise removal using wavelet technology;
  • separation of peaks using programmable engineering that are too close to each other and their escalation;
  • normalization and removal of the baseline;
  • data interpolation;
  • high-quality mobility correction;
  • formation of alphabetic genetic code sequences.
  1. ECG diagnosis software based on the data from sensors attached to the
    body of the patient is used for the most complex in terms of the mathematical analysis of electrocardiograms were suggested to search extra systoles, fractal analysis of the variability of the cardio cycle, the analysis based on the Poincare plots.

A program method of decomposition of original recordings into individual components was created. Such operations like the allocation of respiratory rhythm or another low-frequency component of the process have become easier to diagnose.

If you have a request for any of the services in the healthcare it consulting area, call us, we will help you.

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