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Good possibility

Modern IT consulting by Spdload is not an outsourcing and use of intellectual resources of another company from Ukraine. This is a full-fledged cooperation and implementation of solutions offered by us, relying on ourexperience and expertise. The use of IT consultancy services often occurs for several reasons, and if you are in a similar situation, you may need to stop doubting and take the first step forward:

  • Expertise of IT consulting firms is much stronger than in case of hiring of internal teams. It includes not only development but also IT strategy consultation;
  • These companies can provide an extended range of services in a short time, although hiring such specialists in other countries will be very difficult and expensive;
  • Value for money / quality of service / time of hiring of specialists are more profitable when working with consulting agencies.

Our expertise

The quality services, which provides the Spdload covers tasks in different business domains, as well as different levels of complexity. If one of the following areas of expertise is suitable for you, then we are surprised why we are not yet familiar with you:

  1. Solutions for the full development cycle. We provide you with any solution in the field of software development with preliminary IT consulting business analysis, development of technical documentation, interface, programming, testing and even support after launch.
  2. Our team can advise you before launching your project. We carry out marketing research, financial IT consulting and we will be able to give you a feedback about the most delicate places in your project.
  3. All our solutions go through the prism of lean and agile management, which allows you to work flexibly and safely, with minimal risks.
  4. Scientific developments and consulting. Thanks to a large pool of researchers, we can provide you with high-quality expertise and high-tech solutions.

Thus, as an IT consultancy company, we can provide you with a wide range of professional knowledge and skills of our employees of different profiles, not just supply you with resources, but become your partner in the development of your product.

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