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Why do you need product launching strategies

Why do you need product launching strategies

Statistics show that 90% of new companies do not receive financing, or receive it, but ultimately do not become a real product that could exist without investment. Ask, what about the other 10%? These are hard workers who are able to create their own company and lead it through all rounds of financing.

Our company considers that in order to break into the category of 10% of successful startups, the following points should be taken into account:

  • Startups have special development needs. They require speed, flexibility and minimal risks before product drive or campaign strategy creation and that’s where we can help them;
  • New entrepreneurs need mentoring and criticism. A look from aside is important when you are completely absorbed by your idea. So our analysts and business mentors can show them where their weak points are, refresh their mind;
  • They need help in creating a business plan or otherwise strategy to launch a new product, because even if the concept of a strategy is understood, errors will still be made. We revise tactics which our mentees and clients create and help them to implement proper solutions.

As we said before, many companies fail, because they do not do their own product launching strategies at all. Our team on the contrary believes that a plan has the highest priority for the small firm, because it predetermines what you will get as a result. Without a vision of yourself in the future, without clearly defined goals, you will not achieve anything. That’s why we offer our customers, with whom we work not only in technical matters, but also app launch scheme.


Why are we unique?

Why are we unique?

Spdload can definitely help you in developing a soft launch strategy for your idea. We have several key indicators that are an advantage for us in working with startup consulting:

  1. Members of our company are mentors in the most famous German accelerator – Startplatz;
  2. Covering the entire range of development services, we competently plan entire product launch strategies, using only marketing, but also technical
  3. Our services are the closest to reality, as we take into account all scenarios using our knowledge and experience from previously realized products.

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