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Quality assurance

SPDLOAD vacancies

Only a qualitative assessment and testing of the software will allow you to create a truly high-quality product. If you agree with this, we will be happy to see you in the team!

Once a tester comes into a bar.
Runs into the bar.
Crawls into the bar.
Dancing penetrates the bar.
Steal into the bar.
Breaks into a bar.
Jumping to the bar.

Hello, and where can I put the handle on the front door?

QA Engineer walks into a bar.
Orders a beer.
Orders 0 beers.
Orders 999999999 beers.
Orders a lizard.
Orders -1 beers.
Orders a sfdeliknesv.

Psycologists are increasingly appearing in the offices of large IT companies to help employees overcome the stress. The question is how it happens? Something like the developer comes in tears, the psycologist pats him on the head, shows the printout and says: "Show me on the mockup where QAs have touched your program?"