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Ecommerce marketplace development has become an active sphere of web development since the beginning of this century. We all may use services of this type sometimes, buy some product through global b2b marketplace but no one has even realized what is marketplace and how developer creates it.
Ecommerce marketplace is a special online platform in the Internet which provides space for artisans that can be used for trading activity. Making business to business marketplace website is becoming popular because customer needs such multi vendor places where he could see a lot of products, choose whatever he wants and what is the most important – do it while sitting at home.
To better understand the definition of marketplace we may introduce you some example. You will be amazed but, probably, that page might be opened in your browser window because the most common examples of multi vendor marketplace is Amazon or AliExpress. Yes, that is what it looks like. An Internet space where an enormous number of sellers is concentrated and people can look through the list of products.


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Marketplace developer can build not only web portals but mobile platforms too. For example, AliExpress can be opened in your browser. But nothing stays between you and opening it after downloading application to your cell phone. Despite mobile b2b trade portals is more comfortable to use, web marketplace is more profitable if you want to start your own IT-business because searching thousands of sellers’ accounts is more comfortable with laptop or desktop.
Developed markets work on several basic principles. First of all, they unite all the artisans and sellers of one concrete area of production. Contrariwise some b2c marketplace platforms can gather sellers from all of the production areas. Also some b2b marketplace startups can provide free of charge advertisement for their clients in order to increase number of deals and revenue.
Before you decide to start your own business in Internet trading you should think of creating best marketplace platform by asking developer for consultation because this process requires more patience and attention to details than you have thought. Moreover this kind of making business has its own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are an amount of your clients which can reach thousands of artisans and big revenues. Also you can create and deploy huge advertisement campaigns in the Internet.


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But ecommerce portal development has its own minuses and one of the biggest is an amount of primary investments. This type of business needs a lot. Also you should stock up with a lot of patience because you will wait for a long time while your startup gather a required number of sellers to start paid advertisement campaigns and bring you revenue.
If your strategy of starting online business is right you will receive first result in short time. But if have no plan yet try to pass this steps and pay attention to how your business will start growing.
First of all, think about ads. Building a marketplace portals advertisement campaigns should be free of charge in case of attracting new clients when you have just started your project. Then, after reaching some planned number of artisans you can start the process of ranging the artisan’s products and accounts by popularity and provide them with paid advertisement.
After that when you will have received customers’ wishes and choices database and you will have an ability to provide your clients with paid targeted ads in social networks or Internet search systems like Google.
If you want to base in Europe b2b marketplace should be built following next stages. Make an analysis of key queries from search systems which will show you the most required products. Thus you will be able to choose your niche. Then try to analyze your competitors’ portals and find out their disadvantages. You should not make the same mistakes. Finally, do not forget about analyzing your clients and their customers by organizing focus-groups.
Following all of these steps you will conquer b2b b2c markets rapidly. That means you can catch up with your nearest competitors as soon as possible. But we are sure that it will be faster than you imagine.

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