Android App development for business

It's not news that the phones have filled our life completely. We can not even imagine an hour without our device, since all the necessary information is available with a couple of clicks from a smartphone. The technology market in the USA, Europe and other countries is moving more and more to portable devices. After all, for a modern person it is important to constantly have access to the Internet, e-mail, social networks. In this aspect, portable devices are much superior to computers with super-powerful processors. The main advantages - the size, duration of work without recharging and, of course, multi-functionality.

Advantages of android apps development

The share of the Android OS in the world is sustainably increasing and in 2017, according to various estimates, it ranged from 80% to 90%. The creation of an app for this OS will cover a truly wide audience. That's why android app development is in great demand today.

Taking into account that more and more users are switching exclusively to mobile devices, every progressive company has the development of mobile apps in the strategic development plan and strengthening channels to keep in touch with customers. So, let's enumerate:

  1. Presenting information about services and products of the company.
  2. Advertising of the brand and increasing its recognition.
  3. The emergence of a feedback channel with clients, which allows personifying offers, becoming, in fact, a new sales channel.
  4. Accumulation of customer data.
  5. For users is the ability to manage services using a device.

Development of a software for a smartphone can be not a very easy thing, since there are lots of devices and versions of this operating system  - your product should work fine and look good on any device, regardless of its technical and software characteristics. To develop such an application, you need a reliable partner, such as SpdLoad.

Benefits of cooperation with SpdLoad

Our team makes a good quality product. To make a project good, you need excellent knowledge in programming, design and management. That is why each of us performs his work with great responsibility and diligence. We want the result of our work to cause pride, and this is possible only with the high quality of the product and well-coordinated work of professionals.

Though Android Studio is so popular among app development agencies nowadays, SpdLoad creates products using React Native, since it is a framework for cross-platform development and we can also make an IOS app. The development of applications for Android is carried out step-by-step. In order to be sure that the new mobile program is profitable for you, interesting and useful to users, we do the following:

  • study, analyze popular applications;
  • carefully develop all the interface elements to make them easy to use, understandable and useful for the user;
  • we create a bright and user-friendly design. The application should look the same on various phones and tablets;
  • writing applications for Android is performed under the control of the client, in small steps;
  • provide testing - the application enters the market when we are sure of its performance and quality;
  • provide technical support for the product.

If you don’t have an android app yet, look in the footer and feel free to contact us.

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