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The two biggest players on this market are devices using Android and iOS. The industry is developing most rapidly in the creation apps for those platforms. However, they have a competitor who is close on their heels. The name of this competitor is a cross-platform mobile development.


Cross-platform smartphone software began to appear a long time ago, their appearance was caused by a high cost of a mobile development, since for a regular application, 2 devs were required and the price was 2 times higher. We tried various development environments, such as Ionic, PhoneGap, Cordova. But in the end we chose a cross-platform mobile application on React Native. The best response of this framework is that the most famous social network for sharing photos was written on it.

It can often be heard that a this has no future and apps should be written only in the native languages of mobile platforms.

Our experience

SpdLoad cannot agree with this, since it's not the first year that we use the framework, which allows writing one code under IoS and Android. During this time, we released more than one application, and in one of the cases we implemented audio streaming and processing of a lot of information.

One of our clients to whom we built an app left very high reviews about the solution, as it allowed him to cut the budget by almost 2 times and we implemented absolutely all the functions that were planned.

In the context of this project, SpDLoad implemented a system for data collection and processing. The basis is the AI engine that processes the data. The system itself analyzes the behavior while listening to audio. In the current form, the system easily copes with 1000 users simultaneously in the conditions of streaming audio.

The second major project is a health system for the regional center. The number of users is more than 100 000. Software training records the patients and is responsible for the communication between the doctor and the patient. In these illustrative examples, you can make sure that React Native very well copes with both the loads and the complex functional

A very important thing in the work of SpdLoad is that before the development we conduct a maximum analysis of our client's business needs, in order to be sure that we release the product without increasing its price by half. Only when we are 100% sure that the cross-platform mobile development solves the business case, we begin to build an architecture.

Do not forget that in addition to the development services of the cross-platform solution, we offer services for the development of mobile design.

If you need a calculation for your product, then send us your request to email we will be happy to help.

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