iOS App development

Reasons to order an iOS application

iOS is the fastest growing operating system in the world. Therefore, by capturing the target audience with a mobile app, you can count on the strategic growth of your business. The development strategy of Apple is steadily tending towards the development of premium segment devices. Therefore, the delivery of software for the iPhone and iPad can have an excellent profitability.

  1. The ability to get as close to the buyer as possible. In the whole history of the industry, not one advertising channel has offered such an opportunity - to always be at arm's length from the client and interact with it. The smartphone has become not just a means of communication, but also the most personalized advertising platform.
  2. Formation of brand loyal to the audience. Users appreciate when the brand takes care of them. Providing the most convenient service, you form a positive impression of interaction with the brand. After all, it is much more convenient to order a taxi or delivery using the application than to wait for the answer of the call center operator.
  3. Get more repeated orders. The mobile software allows you to make orders for goods or services literally "on the run." Users who don’t have access to computers, will be much more comfortable to use your software than, for example, a responsive  version of the site of your competitors.
  4. Loyalty Programs. The mobile apps are ideally suited for the introduction of various bonus systems.
  5. Working with the target audience. The proportion of non-target applications is quite low. For example, a user who is not interested in travel, is unlikely to install an app to search for burning tours.
  6. Distance from competitors. Stay one step ahead of your competitors - launch a mobile app for the daily growing mobile audience of your clients.
  7. Brand fans. The best advertising is the recommendations of pleased customers. Creating a positive user experience using the application allows you to count on the growth of recommendations from current customers.

Why SpdLoad

As we can see, application development for IOS is very beneficial for business today. That's why our team provides this kind of services, helping our clients achieve the desired results and get great profit. SpdLoad creates products following these steps:

  • Requirements analysis. We collect ideas and requirements, define the target audience, study analogues, describe the architecture, integration etc.
  • Interface design. We create convenient iOS interfaces that meet the standards of Apple and win the hearts of users.
  • IOS development. SpdLoad uses React Native for this, since it is a framework for development of cross platform applications and we can also create for Android.
  • Testing. When the design is ready, the code is written, it's time to check the operability and stability of the system. A full arsenal of devices and meticulous quality control specialists - in stock. We prepare check-lists in advance and check compatibility with the provided OS versions. We use manual and automated tests to make sure everything works as it should.
  • Publishing to the App Store.

Our team of back and front end developers, designers, testers and managers is ready to help you with launching of product for your business. So feel free to contact us and get the best product for IOS.

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