Mobile API development

Mobile api development

Globally, the systems fall into two types. This is a different cardinal in the construction of architecture. There are those who store your information locally and this information is only visible on your phone. If you accidentally delete the program then all data will be lost. So basically games of various types, training products and stuff like that. And the second kind is the storage of data on the server, it is any type of social network, CRM and other public systems. Fundamentally you can say - the information you see only you and the systems in which your information is seen by others and it is publicly available. We offer the services of just such systems that work with servers.

It will not work without an application programming interface. It is a specific set of functions and methods that allows a client to send data to a server. Actually, information exchange with a server are serviced by them.

A programm uses it to interact with a server, which is responsible for all the calculations. Your info will not be sent to a server and saved, you can’t watch a video in your application without an especially designed API for Android development of which is required if your app works on Android. Therefore, the development of backend logic, which is associated with a mobile application, is a must have.

How can we help

With the help of the Android API development or even iOS, Spdload can solve several tasks simultaneously:

  1. We create a mechanism to data exchange from your server to a client in order for a smartphone app to actually perform it’s function.
  2. Execute Android development API, which work not only on Android. Our developers build a cross-platform mobile backend.
  3. Your application programming interface not only work with the client, but also to be able to interact with third-party services. For example, on iPhone development API can be extended to integration of mail services or payment systems.

Our team will be able to realize of your request in the best way, because we have all the necessary competencies for this:

  • We ourselves deliver mob-apps from beginning to end, so we understand what needs you might have regarding a mobile API.
  • English-speaking project managers, which can communicate with you and with your team. We will be responsible for the delivery of the finished work and the establishment of processes;
  • Our backend developers can study your app to create an application programming interface to it;
  • We can connect our mobile developers to optimize the architecture of the application programming interface of your smartphone app.

As you can see, it will not be difficult for us to solve your problem with the development of custom API for your mobile app. If you want to contact us, check out our contacts in the footer.

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