MVP — Minimum Viable Product for startups

Today’s business world demands from businessmen, and especially from IT-startups owners and project management, not only to be competent, creative and self-organized but to present software by MVP – Minimum Viable Product. If owners want their companies to grow increasingly their marketing management should create product’s introduction strategies which will recover people’s needs and define whether company’s software is required on the market or not, whether it provides solutions to customers’ problem or not. This approach to the development can provide reliable and sustainable growth excluding most common risks of the early stages when you are growing your startup like wasting precious time of developer and money on developing software which is not required by the customer.

What is MVP? It is a way to make a brilliant introduction to the startups’ projects to the market. It is an ideal variant for business owners who have an idea of some website, for example, but they do not know if their software is required by people who have a problem which can be solved by this product and they need to make a proof-of-concept. A minimum viable product is the same thing which you have desired to develop and release. But the key point which differs MVP in IT from your final result is a number of functionalities that it has. MVP for startups as a set of features which is needed only to successful launch has the most needed basic features which can satisfy customers’ basic needs, features that are enough to make your application work properly and test it on the market.

The main characteristic of the minimum viable product is the level of functionality which covers the main requirements to the software which are needed for launch or in other words the minimum obligatory number of features. You must not forget about the quality of you features because business owners should aim to make not a bad product but the first-class project with cut features for the first time after release. MVP e-commerce is just the most minimal form of the final solution that helps users on the market. Also, you should notice that minimum viable product should be easy to be transformed in case of changing of what customers think about it and want from it.

Using MVP in new idea’s development process

The key reasons for using MVP are measuring of indeed customers’ need for your software because you will have some losses if customers are not really interested in your product. This reason leads us to another one. MVP in software development can reduce your costs and save time if your project is not popular now. You can just correct your MVP development process and start working on another one project. Also you can show your vision to the problem solution not only to customers but to potential investors also. It will be a nice way to find some additional investments. Maybe the last reason why you should try this technology of development is that you should find out not only customers’ needs but their wishes too.

mvp for business-startup

Because it is great that customers can upload photos on your cloud storage, for example. But what if they do not want to upload only black’n’white photos which your storage is predestinated for?


Minimum Viable Product in software development

Sometimes MVP project can be shown to the investor. This situation is possible when you are totally sure that your e-commerce application is required on the market and lean startup MVP will be achieved perfectly but you do not have enough money to launch a full product. Another situation is when you have launched a project and it has confirmed its relevance and competitiveness but it is not enough money to continue MVP software development to the end. In such cases showing your application to bigger companies and funds is the best strategy. This way of representing your project demands a bit of experience in MVP solutions presentation and negotiations so take a look at our few tips for better presentation below.
While presenting a project to your potential investor you have to follow some rules. First of all be sure that you fully explained the meaning of MVP to an investor and you mentioned all of the basic characteristics. Then notice that in MVP agile development is used so it is easy to correct your product or change the concept at all. Finally, mention the advantages of MVP development, emphasize that investor does not lose anything. He invests resources into a reliable agile project which can adopt to the market conditions so that profit will keep him waiting.

Music Data Analytics Company

We haven´t launched the software yet, however, we did renew the contract three times. The efficiency is increasing and we have gained customers based only on the designs of the software. The initial goal is still ongoing as planned.

Project management and communication are sometimes difficult because of the distance but we knew this when we started and considered it in our deadlines. Agencies do respond quickly and manage to deliver their work on time. We use several communication tools like Slack, Google Docs, Skype, and GitHub.

Outsource team have a diverse set of skills which makes them more convenient to work with. Consultant react very quickly, even in the evenings and on weekends, which makes them very trustworthy. I flew to their location a month ago to speak to them in person, which I would definitely recommend doing.

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We have a good workflow. The consultant in our project is responsible and always there to help us with urgent issues. We're happy with the collaboration.

We mainly communicate over Skype with the project manager, who usually answers within 10 minutes to an hour. If we have questions or feedback, we can discuss it with him. He always listens to our suggestions and draws the right conclusions.

Responsibility in outsourcing is important for us because it’s not easy to find agencies who try their best. We can’t professionally judge the quality of code, but the accountability is very good and so is the speed of delivery.

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Impacto Group LLC

Their project management is very simple and easy for me to use. We are using Google Docs. There is a spreadsheet where we input what needs to be done. Company works very quickly and updates the status of the project frequently. When I need to clarify something, they respond very quickly. They're always online.

The other company that we had been working with was just not reachable, which was very tough, especially when the site was not working. Since we began working with SpdLoad, the site is always working, and if I need something – weekends or weekdays – there is always someone taking care of us.

They are very client-oriented. They are very quick. Agency give good advice in terms of design and general approach since they work with foreign markets. That was one thing I liked about them – SpdLoad know the latest trends, and they give great advice. If I say let's do this, they might point out what is trending now and suggest a different way. I am very glad they gave that kind of advice. In a couple of cases, I had some reservations but, in time, came to understand that they were right.

Consultant give very good professional advice in a way that is not offensive. Even if I have a stupid idea, they never tell me that directly. They know how to communicate and give good advice to avoid mistakes. SpdLoad is not just a company who is doing what you tell them to do and doesn't care about your business. They do care, and that's very important. I feel like they are a part of our team.

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The Clever Minds, LLC

Surprisingly, I did not have any revisions in mind when I viewed SpdLoad's output. Usually, I'm very picky about page layout. Since there were 200 pages of framing, I was expecting to review mockups forever. They were able to get the ideas and themes down very quickly. I agreed with their designs 100 percent of the time – that's why I still call on them. Their designers have excellent ideas and did a fantastic job of reading my mind.

We communicated pretty well with outsource SpdLoad, using Skype and other technologies for coordination. Margarita was our project intermediary, and she was pretty fluent. We talked around four to five times a day to make sure everything was organized correctly. They adapted pretty well to the latest software, especially the ones that we use, so no problems there. We used Bitbucket as a repository for our designs. We also went back and forth through Google Drive or Dropbox for screenshots, using JPEG or Adobe files.

The SpdLoad team is made up of very creative and easygoing people. I was also amazed at the speed with which they finished the project. I think they're fairly resilient folk, and we enjoyed working with them.

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Ukrainian Law Firm

Responsiveness was better with SpdLoad than with other similar firms that I've dealt with. SpdLoad also worked 30-40% faster than other vendors.

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Gal Or X-Ray Institute LTD

SpdLoad has a very diversified and skilled team that covered every need that I had in terms of technology and project management. They always assumed responsibility for the work, and I enjoyed working with agency SpdLoad.

Our collaboration was divided into design, programming, quality assurance, and relationship management. There were many people involved in the process, so SpdLoad provided project management services. I was impressed with them in this regard.

SpdLoad assumed accountability for their work and they gave me a very good pricing.

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SpdLoad did everything I asked for. My mentor looked at their work and approved most of what SpdLoad was doing. Everything has been fine on their side, even though the app hasn't launched yet.

One of our developers left the project, and it took SpdLoad some time to find a replacement. They did adjust the billable hours accordingly, which I respected. From a project management perspective, this still shouldn't have happened. I expected SpdLoad to have some ongoing contracts with developers in order to prevent incidents like this one.

What I like about working with SpdLoad is that I can call them anytime I have an issue and receive a quick response.

The only drawback was our developer leaving, but I was compensated for this by SpdLoad. Bad things will happen, but I am satisfied with my collaboration with SpdLoad.

Don't be shy in asking questions; SpdLoad will answer them. It's also best for customers to have some understanding of the technology.

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We haven’t rolled out public sales yet, but we will launch on January 1, 2018. At this time, I have been monitoring my 100 beta testers closely. I didn’t reach out to more because I wanted the ability to provide close guidance and maintain a dialogue. I receive feedback daily and implement what people ask for.

I can see that the site was developed beautifully. My customers are happy because the website is smooth and intuitive. Everything has worked, and the minor glitches we’ve experienced are nothing compared to what could have been. I know this because I’ve done work with other providers and know how things can transpire. Even during beta testing, when it’s expected for things not to work as planned, we haven’t seen this. I expected to be overwhelmed with technical questions, but this hasn’t happened. This has allowed me to do the work I actually need to do, instead of answering questions and giving directions to the team.

I’ve appreciated their customer focus. They understood the urgency of my project and shared my vision. Their estimates and recommendations are quite precise. I can always expect them to deliver everything within my timelines and specifications. I’ve found them trustworthy, which is a factor I bring to my own client relationships.

I love it that SpdLoad views all tasks as solvable—that’s the attitude I want in a provider. If a client comes to me asking for a certain fitness program, I will not tell them that it won’t work; I will work around it. In contrast, other providers imposed their own approaches, which didn’t work for me.

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The automated payments and the backend monitoring features save us a lot of administration work. The improvements on the frontend have increased conversion rates by 60 – 70 %. We’re still in an early stage, but with the improvements in conversions, we can finally make the business pull through with a larger income while also spending less on marketing.

We communicate through Skype and Google Worksheets, which makes the process very effective. We can share screenshots with Lightshot in few seconds, add it to the bug list or to Skype, and discuss the details. In Skype, the representatives for different areas of the project collect the topics discussed and the harmony is very good.

They’ve been available to us almost at all times of the day and their communication and follow-up are wonderful. We can share documents, text material, icons, and images directly as they show up.

The reproduction of our designs and sketches is nearly identical and the functionality works just as we described it. Their level of competence is very high—when it comes to complicated tasks in advanced fields, they have experts ready to find solutions. In retrospect, I think that we made the right decision in choosing these people.

Having clear sketches and descriptions makes the work much better and more efficient. Furthermore, we use Google spreadsheets for task lists where we can add screenshots and other data, which makes the process very productive.

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